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Anyone know any interesting facts/anecdotes about measuring equipment?

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    I wasn't sure where to put this thread... if it's in the wrong place, please move it.

    Anyways, i'm making a couple of posters for display and one of the showcases is featuing antique equipment like ohmmeters (Wheatstone bridge), ammeters, voltmeters, etc. I was wondering if anyone knew of any cool/quirky/interesting little facts about anything related to this subject that I could put into the poster? Almost anything will do. I just don't want to bore people by putting only V=IR stuff and how the innards work.
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    Throw in the "string galvanometer" invented by Einthoven. A very sensitive meter movement using a mirror in place of the indicator needle. Used in the beginning of the last century to do ECG exams as electronic amplification was not possible.
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    This sounds like what we called a "Ballistic Galvanometer"
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    Meir Achuz

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    I'm an oldtimer who used both of those in my UG lab course.
    The only difference for the ballistic galvonometer was that it had a large moment of inertia so it didin't move appreciably until the charge from a discharging capacitor had passed through.
    What about the experiment of measuring with g using a microscope and a stop watch?
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    Here's an anecdote based on real life: Nothing ever works. Especially if the particular device hasn't been used recently.
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