What is Equipment: Definition and 164 Discussions

Equipment most commonly refers to a set of tools or other objects commonly used to achieve a particular objective. Different jobs require different kinds of equipment.

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  1. L

    B Can anyone suggest a good website to buy astronomy equipment?

    I am looking into proper and well tested solar glasses for the upcoming total eclipse next year. Also solar film and clip to attach to my camera so I can do a video. I'm scared to just buy randomly on Amazon.
  2. H

    What is This Piece of Equipment?

    Hello, I need some help determining what this piece of equipment is. It is currently attached to the inlet of my exhaust fan and controlled by some electrical signal. I am thinking it may be a pressure relief damper, but not sure if I am correct. I could not find any nameplate/set point for the...
  3. S

    What does a numerical rating mean? Mechanical equipment or device

    A certain mechanical appliance or device is given a rating that says, a certain operation or a certain movement can be performed some specified thousand times. What does the rating really mean? Was that movement or operation performed until the piece failed? Does it mean some advanced test...
  4. Twigg

    Why are touchscreens becoming popular in test equipment (scopes, etc)?

    Sorry, this might not be the right place for this question. I've noticed newer model oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, AWGs, etc. are being made more and more with touchscreens and fewer buttons. Is there an economic incentive to this, or is it just a marketing gimmick? It bugs me because I've...
  5. K

    B Cheapest equipment to boil water at 60℃

    Water (any liquid) in a closed container boils when the vapor pressure of water (a property that depends on its temperature) equals the surrounding pressure. The vapor pressure of water at 60℃ is about ##1.99\times10^{4}## which is roughly 150 mm Hg.This principle is so simple, and yet, it is...
  6. ergospherical

    Heavy Construction Equipment Tier List

    7. Fruehauf Super Dump The super dump has a load-bearing axle rated at as high as 13,000 pounds. The large distance between the first and last axles is in fact the maximum allowed under the federal bridge formula. Developed by Strong Industries, the super dump is renowned for its high payload...
  7. N

    Form a Linear Equation for the Value of this equipment during the 10 years it will be in use

    A school district purchases a high-volume printer, copier, and scanner for $24,000. After 10 years, the equipment will have to be replaced. Its value at that time is expected to be $2000. Write a linear equation giving the value V of the equipment during the 10 years it will be in use. Let t =...
  8. whoohm

    Buy Physics Classroom Demo Equipment: Quality & Cost Guide

    What are the best options for buying physics classroom demonstration equipment (e.g., air track, optics, etc.)? There seems to be several options/sellers out there, but it also looks like the quality of equipment varies. It is hard to tell from the online photos and descriptions what sources are...
  9. theycallmevirgo

    Experiences with entry-level bench equipment manufacturers

    I'm going to finish building my bench in the next 6 months or so, and form what I can tell, there are at least 2 manufacturers that will sell me all 4 units (scope, DMM, PSU, and function generator) - Rigol and Siglent. I have less than zero interest in buying units from different manufacturers...
  10. hagopbul

    An addition to respiratory Personal Protection Equipment

    Hello all : i am asking if there is a class of respiratory protective equipment , that can be installed inside the human body to support the normal PPE and reduce the possibility to getting infected buy some biological agent : as virus size is between 50 to 160 nm , and the first area of...
  11. J

    What is this mysterious piece of equipment found in my store room?

    I just found this in my store room. Anybody have any ideas what it is?
  12. A

    What makes test equipment fail

    I worked for a relay company and the test equipment was left on 24 hours a day. One year they decided to shut down the company for 2 weeks so everyone got the same vacation. All the equipment was turned off. After the 2 weeks when everything was turned back on they had a tremendous number...
  13. fluidistic

    Macro/close up photography equipment

    Hello, I would like to jump into close up/macro photography, primarily for insects and arachnids (more precisely I would love to take picture of Trombidiidae and other monsters barely visible to the naked eyes.) I have a point and shoot camera (some panasonic with a huge optical zoom, 16x if I...
  14. jack action

    Safety Recalls of Vehicles and Equipment

    SAFETY RECALL 3 Ton and 6 Ton Heavy Duty Steel Jack Stands item numbers 56371, 61196, and 61197 For certain units of the Pittsburgh Automotive 3 Ton and 6 Ton Heavy Duty Steel Jack Stands there is a potential, while under load and with a shift in weight, for the pawl to disengage from the...
  15. Tom Hammer

    Looking for used physics lab/demo equipment

    Hi, I'm looking for used physics lab/demo equipment that you might personally own and are looking to sell. I'm starting to do science with the grand-daughters, and buying everything new would be expensive. Things like: bunsen burner for propane, compasses, iron filings, bi-metallic strip, or...
  16. R

    B Scale of Measurement vs Equipment Sensitivity: Does Symmetry Always Hold?

    Many times when i ask about test theories of SR, i am reminded by forum members, that equipment sensitivity, is equivalent to producing more extreme physical values. For example, you don't necessarily have to go faster in speed, in order to have a better measurement of time dilation, if you have...
  17. Adrian Tudini

    Equipment for performing chemical reactions

    Hi I was wondering what equipment is used to measure the actual yield of a chemical reaction when a voltage is applied?Thanks.Adrian
  18. R

    How to handle equipment moving as professor/advisor?

    So our group advisor had to move our equipment from one lab to another since the department was moving to another building. Our advisor and us pitched in using uhaul to bring it where it was needed. I MAY choose academia in the future and personally, I would not want my students to have to...
  19. L

    Parallel Equipment Grounding Conductors, Short Circuit

    I am seeking direction, information, resources and thoughts on the following subject. The common interpretation of the National Electrical Code does not allow you to use multiple smaller equipment grounding conductors in place of one larger one (except in a few cases such as a cable assembly...
  20. Muhammad Usman

    How is the Aging of Electronic Equipment determined?

    I am working in telecom company and they told me that they installed new system and then they told me the equipment will be EOS (End of Service) after 5 years. I was wondering that how the electronics equipment's age is calculated. If I strictly categorize my questions and explain the confusion...
  21. Subrahmanyan

    Electrical Help finding appropriate equipment

    I would like to measure time period of very short periods of electricity flow in the range of micro seconds or even smaller;can someone tell me me a device that can help me do this?
  22. A

    I Detect exoplanets by yourself with the cheapest equipment

    Hi guys, I detected my first exoplanet (hd 189733 b) and made a video about it showing step by step how I did it. I thought it could be useful for the people interested in the topic or already starting with transit photometry. The star has an apparent magnitude of 7.7 and the exoplanet...
  23. J

    Bench test AC transformer from stereo tube equipment

    I would like to disconnect the secondary windings from a stereo preamp to test the voltages of the secondary windings. The transformer has a 330 - 0 - 330 volt center tapped secondary and a 10.9 volt secondary. It is to be used with house current - 110 or so in Virginia. I have measured the...
  24. C

    B In night vision equipment, how does 'information' transfer?

    So I read a couple of explanations of how night-vision equipment works. Unfortunately I don't remember the sources but my recollection/understanding is that infrared light is converted into electrons and then into visible light. So my question is how does the information by which I mean (the...
  25. Natus Homonymus

    Need equipment and ideas for an experiment

    I require balls (about the size of a small marble) of different masses. I have no idea how to go about this and your help would be greatly appreciated! I also need an hemisphere (about 20cm in radius). I though of 3D printing the same, and it's extremely expensive. Any alternative ideas...
  26. SilverJW

    I Designing Rehabilitation Equipment for an Upper Limb (arm)

    Before I ask my question, here's a little introduction of myself. I am a college student studying in Bioengineering, so I've been tasked to create an equipment to help rehabilitation for upper limb (any point of the upper limb, doesn't have to be the entire upper limb). So I have this initial...
  27. Danielle Agamon

    Electrical Equipment (Automatic Transfer Switch)

    What are the scenarios for the ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch to operate?)
  28. O

    Help identify this label (electrical/nuclear engineering equipment)

    Hi all, New poster here. I'm wondering if anyone can help identify this obscure equipment label. I'm not an engineer so I can't hazard a guess as to what the abbreviations may be and what this device may have been used for. Rotary switches may have been involved on this equipment and NRADS...
  29. Stephenk53

    How old is too old for equipment and other safety issues

    Disclaimer: I forget the names of tools often for some reason so I will often describe the tool rather than say it's name My shop teacher recently told me one of our machines is 45 years old. If I recall correctly it is the planar (device used to flatten the faces of wood). How long do you...
  30. C

    MHB Find Tension and mass of painting equipment on scuffle board.

    A uniform 41.0 kg scaffold of length 5.8 m is supported by two light cables, as shown below. A 78.0 kg painter stands 1.0 m from the left end of the scaffold, and his painting equipment is 1.6 m from the right end. If the tension in the left cable is twice that in the right cable, find the...
  31. alphaj

    Use math to prove which lab equipment was precise/accurate?

    Homework Statement We performed an experiment to see which laboratory glassware was more accurate and which was more precise. Question: (a): Which glassware was more precise and why? (b) Which glassware was more accurate and why? Use the calculations to support your statement. I won't post the...
  32. B

    Why are TN-C systems not allowed for computer equipment?

    Hi Why are TN-C systems not allowed for computer equipment and similar devices? After some reading they mention it is because of circulation of harmonic currents in the PEN condcutor, but I am not able to understand what circular path they circulate in?
  33. EngineerK

    Making Energy Generating Gym Equipment

    Hello Everyone, I am an engineer and I wish to implement a gym system that generates energy from the user. I am originally an electrical engineer by trade, and have limited knowledge in mechanical design. This is why I need your help. My current design follows the outline of a basic cable...
  34. ervays

    What's inside a gas detection Station?

    Good Morning guys! I'm trying to understand more about gas sensors. I know a lot about electrochemical and metaloxide sensors. I've faced all the limits that those sensors presents when you are using them outdoors. Now I'm wondering how the gas sensors stations can measure different gases...
  35. maearnie

    Microwave transmitter question

    Can someone enumerate the equipment needed in a microwave transmitter control room? i already searched the net and i somehow don’t understand anything haha. also can you please explain what each equipment does? thank you :)
  36. S

    RLC Circuit lab equipment problem

    Hello all, I am a lab technician for a university and I am having some problem with some lab equipment. We are doing an RLC circuit lab with a frequency generator, oscilloscope, decade resistance box, capacitance box, and inductor. The equipment is connected in series, except for the...
  37. ervays

    -40 to 70C Degrees Special Refrigerator

    Hi all, I'm trying to find a special refrigeration device that can goes from -40 Degrees to 70 degrees. I need this machine for a laboratory to test sensors in differente temperatures. Does anyone knows where can I find something like that? Kind Regards Vicente
  38. A

    Apprentice in fiberoptics and test and measurement equipment

    I come from totally different field. studied previously business management but I was always fascinated by technologies. I find it really difficult to keep up with all the new terms and mathematical equations to follow up. I have to look after each words in every paragraphs. I have searched for...
  39. E

    Unknown device / Physics equipment. Please identifiy....

    I'm stumped by this one... Any idea what it is? Inside there is a focusable optical target with 3 green lines. The white "pens" dip in ink and mark something. Any ideas?
  40. muzcategui

    Hello, i with lab equipment for electrochemical harvesting of microalgae

    Hello, I'm an Aquaculture Engineering student at lima. I'm trying to do an experiment of electrochemical harvesting of microalgae. But it seems my weakness at physics its getting in the way plus i don't know to well how to operate the equipment which none knows either since its new to the lab. I...
  41. Noisy Rhysling

    Essential Castaway Equipment for Endor: Star Wars Universe

    Say a pod about the size of the one R2 and C3PO escaped from their ship in "A New Hope". What would you consider essential equipment for "castaways"? Assume a technological level equal to the Star Wars universe, but you're not tied to what they are known to have in that scenario. Pick your...
  42. T

    How to generate this signal, what equipment do I need?

    Can someone teach me how to GENERATE that kinda signal into pin 26 AND pin 53? Is there a way to do this? Currently, my system is providing the input to those pins but I want to create a stand alone input so I can verify the output of my card. Can someone please help me. Thank you!
  43. G

    220V 50Hz Equipment vs. 230V 60Hz Equipment compressor

    If If you have a compressor designed for US 60 HZ 230 V what are the risks with applying it in 220 V 50 HZ ? I understand there will be a ~20% derate in power but are there any safety or failure concerns ? would the lifespan of equipment change? Do I need a transformer ? This equipment...
  44. N

    Does anyone know what this equipment is for?

    Hello, I have found this chemistry equipment, but I cannot determine what it is for. I have a suspicion it is for measuring boiling point temperature elevation. I have included a drawing of how I think it should go together. It consists of a conical flask connected to a graduated boiling tube...
  45. H

    Need Help Finding Cheap Vibration Testing Equipment

    Hi PF, I hope I'm doing this right, first post. I need help with a research project for the effect of the ambient vibration frequency at resonance for a piezoelectric energy harvester (It's well documented, I know, but I have to do an experiment with it anyways). Anyways, I noticed that...
  46. R

    Electrical load when equipment not in use

    I have a question related to electrical load. Electrical/electronic devices such as laptop, tablets often come with SMPS. Say my laptop is rated to consume 90 watts at full load and 10 watts at idle. But my question is related to how much electricity will it consume if laptop is completely...
  47. S

    Door Hinge axial fatigue testing equipment

    Well some one have any experence related to axial fatigue testing equipment designing? Have to discuss some concepts and need the feedback.
  48. our7thheaven

    Build a piece of equipment that can break the descent....

    9th grade student is struggling trying to come up with a design that can meet the below requirement. Any help is appreciated. 1. Homework Statement The purpose is to build a new piece of equipment that can break the descent of an object from a certain height. The object in this situation a...