Anyone know what this is an image of?

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I'm in calculus class right now, this is high school so I wouldn't be doing this at university probably, and we're putting our name in the address bar to see what comes up, just for fun. I went to and it shows just a .gif. Anyone know if there's any significance to it?


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It reminds me of the Triforce, but it's still really different.
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my, my...

those are what the rabbit ears on the old TV looked like after I helped a guy move
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It's from that new spy movie... Triple S.
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Scott S. Smith?

Yeah, it's just three S's. Looks like Scott found a new logo for himself. :biggrin:
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According to whois owner of the domain is

Scott, Steve steven.b.scott(at)

so no idea what the third S stands for.

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