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Anyone Used a Property Management Service?

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    So I'm currently renting a house out to a couple of my friends, but one is about to move into his own home and the other is moving out of state next spring. I've been thinking about either selling the house or getting a company to do property management for me since I'm out of state and don't want to deal with the hassle of organizing repairs, advertising, etc. If I sell the house I can probably get a quick 10k, but I'd like to keep renting since it's great for my credit and I'm essentially having someone else pay for my house.

    Has anyone used a property management service before? If so, do you have any advice or warnings?

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    Sounds like a complicated metric, Drakkith. I own my own house now, but have never owned properties that I've rented. But if I did, I probably would hire a property management service because I don't like to deal with problems. Unless maybe I just had a duplex or something, etc.

    Idk, looks to me like the housing market is steady and maybe increasing, so maybe that's the direction you want to go, if you're in the USA.
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