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Management (or managing) is the administration of an organization, whether it is a business, a non-profit organization, or government body.
Management includes the activities of setting the strategy of an organization and coordinating the efforts of its employees (or of volunteers) to accomplish its objectives through the application of available resources, such as financial, natural, technological, and human resources. The term "management" may also refer to those people who manage an organization—managers.
Some people study management at colleges or universities; major degrees in management include the Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA.) Master of Business Administration (MBA.) Master in Management (MScM or MIM) and, for the public sector, the Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree. Individuals who aim to become management specialists or experts, management researchers, or professors may complete the Doctor of Management (DM), the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), or the Ph.D. in Business Administration or Management. There has recently been a movement for evidence-based management.
Larger organizations generally have three hierarchical levels of managers, in a pyramid structure:

Senior managers, such as members of a board of directors and a chief executive officer (CEO) or a president of an organization. They set the strategic goals of the organization and make decisions on how the overall organization will operate. Senior managers are generally executive-level professionals, and provide direction to middle management, who directly or indirectly report to them.
Middle managers: examples of these would include branch managers, regional managers, department managers, and section managers, who provide direction to front-line managers. Middle managers communicate the strategic goals of senior management to the front-line managers.
Lower managers, such as supervisors and front-line team leaders, oversee the work of regular employees (or volunteers, in some voluntary organizations) and provide direction on their work.In smaller organizations, a manager may have a much wider scope and may perform several roles or even all of the roles commonly observed in a large organization.
Social scientists study management as an academic discipline, investigating areas such as social organization, organizational adaptation, and organizational leadership.

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  1. M

    I Help Needed: Probability Problem in Risk Management Calculcations

    Hello all! I hope I have come to the right place, and I appreciate any help! My first disclaimer is that I am not a math professional of any sort, I am not bad at it but I just wanted to start with that so if I ask a stupid question, it's because I am ignorant mostly. What I work in is risk...
  2. shivajikobardan

    MHB What is meant by management of IDN practices resource.

    taken from here-: https://www.iana.org/about domain name.. IDN means internationalized domain names...that is domain for eg in japanese language, devnagari language etc. But what does IDN practices resources mean? This might be a dumb question to ask I know, but I am studying a subject...
  3. shivajikobardan

    Comp Sci What is meant by management of IDN practices resource?

    taken from here-: https://www.iana.org/about domain name.. IDN means internationalized domain names...that is domain for eg in japanese language, devnagari language etc. But what does IDN practices resources mean? This might be a dumb question to ask I know, but I am studying a subject...
  4. theycallmevirgo

    Industrial CO2 laser temperature management

    Here it is specified that optimum operating temp for industrial C02 laser is within the range 59 °F to 77 °F. This is what is generally specified online, but it leads to a number of questions; How is this measured? Does it refer to the whole unit, or the point of emission of the beam, or some...
  5. marialovesphysics

    Data Management - Probability of Cards

    Here is my work so far: 52-13=39 There are 39 decks of cards left since the spades were removed. a) Then there 13 hearts therefore, (13/39 ) * (13/39 ) that would be two hearts but I am not sure what to do next. But I am sure that it would be 39 cards and 13 hearts on top (maybe) cus it is...
  6. J

    Chemistry Undergraduate-level text on batteries and battery management (with exercises)

    Is there such a thing? Or, alternately, am I just better off with an echem and/or physical chemistry book? Thanks Joe
  7. V

    Discussion about Altering Automotive Electricity Management

    I'd like to start a thread of thoughts and opinions of a topic that I am considering spending time and money on. Unfortunately, I do not have a very broad knowledge of the engineering intricacies of the topic. I'm really curious if there has been a proposal or workings of a vehicle that uses an...
  8. Andromeda9010

    Teaching high school students for the first time

    Hello,I have been accepted for a physics teacher position in a high school. This would be my first job ever. I taught "tutored" students before in my home university for two semesters, and I think I am a good teacher. But, I feel that teaching high school students is totally different. I am not...
  9. Paola Flores

    Book recommendations on Energy Management

    Hello, I may have to submit an essay on Energy Management and I personally like the topic, because of this I have attended a few talks and conferences where they go over the subject but I feel that maybe a book can go deeper into the material, so I was wondering, do any of you know of any book...
  10. Robin04

    Studying Managing individual research projects, how to self study

    I’m starting my undergraduate physics degree next semester but I really like to study different fields on my own without any external motivation or obligation related to school. As I want to be a theoretical physicist I think this is something that I really have to be good at, because I imagine...
  11. SchroedingersLion

    Math Preparing for a job in finance/risk management

    Hi guys, I am physics student close to my masters and I intend to enter finance after my PhD (Investmentbanking, Hedge- / Quantfonds, Riskmanagement). For that, I am aware that a PhD in theoretical physics would be preferable since it will increase my programming and modelling skills. However...
  12. J

    Help interpreting a design for power management unit

    Hello, I have been looking to build a pmu similar to this device, it will be for domestic use. https://www.digikey.com/en/articles/techzone/2014/jan/low-cost-microcontroller-based-phasor-measurement-units-improve-smart-grid-reliability I am having a bit of trouble with the sampling part and...
  13. D

    Mathematical proofs, physics and time management

    How important is for a physics undergraduate to know the mathematical proofs for every theorem learnd on the math courses? Is it better to trust the math, learn the intuitive notions, and then learn the methods and operations in a more mechanical way, memorizing formulas and steps through...
  14. A

    PHP Would like some help understanding website management

    Hi guys, I am very much a novice at website management and have set up a website which accesses my SQL database and I'm not using WordPress or other site building software, and I don't understand really the mechanics of private and public access to the site file system and was wondering if...
  15. J

    Standard Database Model for Academic Management

    I am the database administrator of my university, so I have to build up the database from scratch. I am just wondering if there exists already some predefined database model for academic management which focuses on entities such as students, grades, courses, teachers and faculty buildings.
  16. F

    Tolerance management problem

    My problem is as following. I have a chain with "n" transitions between the chain link and the bolt. Now the whole chain rests without strain and you pull it, it elongates "x" millimeters. I have to calculate the maximum accepted play of each transition between a bolt and a chain link in...
  17. J

    Programs Structural Engineering/Construction Management Double Major?

    So I am currently starting my second year of college and after assessing my interests and abilities I have decided that construction is something that I have a background in and would really enjoy doing, as I am very hands on while also having a curiosity in engineering. Is it practical to...
  18. M

    Masters options for electrical engineering?

    I graduated with a B.E.E. last year, took some time off now i am planning to pursue a masters degree in engineering. i did graduate with a decent grade but i did not enjoy studying electrical engineering at all. my aptitude is more towards management and arts. are there any masters options in...
  19. T

    Other Can I do anything with just a management degree?

    I decided not to long ago that math and I do not mix, however I still want to do something in aerospace or the airline industry or something, I want to be around a service I know something about, even if it's not in the capacity I wanted. So any ideas? I'm looking for interesting opportunities...
  20. D

    Is a Masters in HSA Necessary for an Upper Level Job in the Field?

    I am currently on the path to receive my AA in General Studies by the Spring of 2016. From there, I will transfer to University and intend to acquire a BS in Information Technology. I previously wanted to major in Psychology but realize I do not want to enroll in another 6 years to complete...
  21. vinicius0197

    Engineering Is management the destiny of every engineer?

    I've been discussing with some friends of mine recently and one of them pointed out that all senior engineers end up more involved with management stuff than actual engineering work. I know that, in some cases, that is not correct, but even so, I wonder if the big opportunities in an engineering...
  22. A

    An interactive app for file management

    I am looking for an apps (on windows8) for file management. Something that I can put my selected files in it and to see them in the same time using an interactive way. Also to write, edit with interactive links and pics. what do you recommend. For example, I am preparing to write an article in...
  23. Drakkith

    Anyone Used a Property Management Service?

    So I'm currently renting a house out to a couple of my friends, but one is about to move into his own home and the other is moving out of state next spring. I've been thinking about either selling the house or getting a company to do property management for me since I'm out of state and don't...
  24. E

    Engineering Studying Engineering and Management at a German Hochschule

    Hello I have been recently accepted into a German University of applied sciences for the degree "Engineering and management" at THI. http://em.thi.de/ http://www.thi.de/en/studies/studying-at-thi/bachelor-programmes/em.html I want to do the program however my relative is telling me since its...
  25. CiscoCertified

    Project Management | Robotics PM Advice

    Hey, I know this forum is filled with engineers so I want to really get other peoples opinion whether you should ask your Subject Matter Expert on a team if they are an expert and it is their profession in engineering. For example, I am the project manager of my high school robotics team. We are...
  26. B

    Inquiry about my time management and planning skills

    I am a rising college junior with major in the mathematics and an aspiring mathematician in the theoretical computer science and analysis. I wrote this post because I have been suffering from a problem regarding to my time management and planning skills. I have been using the planner and...
  27. T

    Thermal Management Question in Spacecraft

    Hello guys, Below I am presenting a question related to thermal management in spacecraft . Perhaps many of you might find it interesting! And this could be a real-life problem for thermal engineering in a spacecraft . So, the question is following: An instrument dissipates 10W and, in order...
  28. E

    LEDs, LED Drivers, Thermal Management

    I'm trying to wrap my head around thermal management of LEDs and LED driver circuits. http://blogs.indium.com/blog/amanda-hartnett/controlling-junction-temperature-of-leds-with-thermal-management-materials A concern has been expressed that a lighting supplier needs to demonstrate (not sure...
  29. B

    Industrial Engineering and Management?

    I'd like to go for a master degree. What do you think about Industrial Engineering and Management? I'm also thinking about Manufacturing Engineering. Both are quite broad but having worked in a production industry for over a year I feel like moving from specialist to a manager is tempting since...
  30. K

    Complementing my Management Sciences/Operations Research

    Hey there, I am an undergraduate student doing Management Sciences. I love my subjects, the courses and projects. However I personally feel I should choose a minor to complement my major. As Management Sciences/OR deals "problem solving" at the core and does not "specialize" into a specific...
  31. L

    Physics and Digital Product Management jobs?

    Long story short, I currently work in digital product management, I am successful and it is lucrative. However, I never finished my college degree (originally business focused), and at 34 years old I would be starting over at this point. I was widowed a few years ago and am a single mom to a...
  32. Shackleford

    Ph.D. in Systems & Engineering Management

    I've decided that after I finish my MA Math next year I'm going to apply to this program. It's actually a hybrid program that allows people to take classes part time. They do have a modest residency requirement for two consecutive summers, and they're generous in transferring courses. I live in...
  33. H

    MATLAB Figure management in Matlab

    After saving several Matlab figures (with the format of Matlab Figure) how can I put all of them in one window to compare together? And what should I do to see the file names on the figure when I saved them?
  34. M

    MHB Confused by Memory Management? Let's Figure it Out

    Hey! :o At the end of a program I have to delete all the data structures and to free all the allocated memory. What am I supposed to do?? (Wondering)
  35. sundas03

    NiMH Battery Management System -Circuit Design

    how to design a bms circuit for nimh. we have 11 cells in one battery pack and and all the cells are in series, if one cell discharge rapidly then how to moniter it through controller?
  36. lisab

    Management Of Birth When Mother Has Low Platelets

    A good friend of mine's wife is at 38 weeks in her first pregnancy. Her platelet count has been decreasing steadily in the last few weeks. Her midwife said it's not critical but it is now at a level that is a concern, and it raises the chance of Cesarean section. Why would a Cesarean be a...
  37. G

    Thermal management in satellites

    How effective are the thermal management techniques in satellites? What kind thermal loads can they support? And I take it that while conduction can be used to transfer heat from one area of the satellite to another, that the ultimate limiting factor is the amount that it can dissipate as radiation?
  38. B

    Fish oil pills to help with anger management

    I have read in multiple sources on the internet and in books that taking fish oil pills can help a person with anger management. According to my sources, it is the omega 3 fatty acids in the fish oil pills that help with anger management. What my sources don't say is how the omega 3 fatty...
  39. A

    Building Management System

    Hello, does anyone know how much is the minimum required points that should be connected from the following units to the BMS: 1) chiller 2) AHU 3) FCU 4) Fan 5) Pressurizing fan 6) VAV with reheat coil 7) VAV without reheat 8) Pumps (secondary chilled water circuit)
  40. M

    Do I need professional qualifications in management accountancy ?

    ** Mods, please read the footnote. My ambition is to become a university lecturer of math or chemistry. In the next year, I'm going to read for my undergraduate degree. I'm currently on my vacations. People here who are going to follow engineering or such type of career-oriented degrees...
  41. Greg Bernhardt

    TMR for pain management. Anyone use?

    My wife has had a bad hamstring for soccer for over nearly a year. She even took a few months off with no help. Anyway, one of her soccer teammates is a nurse who works at a pain management center. She recommended my wife come in and try this TMR treatment. Apparently it just electrocutes your...
  42. A

    MHB Risk and Money Management

    Hello all! I currently trade currencies in Forex Market, and I somewhat understand the concept of being a winner long term, but I want to actually see how the numbers can run statistically. Formulas on how it should be calculated would be nice! (I should of paid attention in my statistics class...
  43. Digitalism

    MBA vs Natural Science Management

    Which do you think would be more lucrative in the long run? I am in computer engineering, and I would like to do my own startup, but I am exploring other options as well.
  44. C

    URL management (like Diigo and Scrible)?

    URL management (like Diigo and Scrible)?? Hi, I'm looking for a smart management software so I can manage all my bookmarks and highlight on websites. The problem: The problem with Diigo and Scrible is that there is a storage maximum and prices change, so I can't pay any more I loose all...
  45. C

    Document management + easy way to scan?

    Hi I’m looking for two things 1. An easy and fast way to scan (take pictures) of my notes/figures/drawings so i can put them on my computer. 2. A smart document management system for science classes at university. I often make good notes and drawings on paper but it would be...
  46. Link

    Engineering R&D or Operations Management as career path for engineer?

    I have gained a place on the graduate rotational leadership programme at a major heavy industrial company which involves me going to different divisions to lead projects. I have been given a choice of either going down the R&D path or the Operations Management path. Being an engineer from a top...
  47. M

    Double interleaved dc-dc boost converter power management

    Hi there, (Please find attached diagram) I have Dc-dc Boost converter designed to step up (12-24Volts) to 28.8Volts(10Amps). The converter is currently working perfectly(stepping up 24V-28.8voltage) with a dc power supply, however this Dc converter after completion, will be fed up to a max...
  48. R

    The implications and issues behind high-level nuclear waste management

    Hello, This topic is an open discussion around the technical, ethical and legal implications and issues behind high-level nuclear waste management. I am a designer working on a project aimed at exploring the future of nuclear waste, by proposing alternative ways of dealing with the issue. For...
  49. Ackbach

    MHB The Randy Pausch Lectures on Time Management

    If you find yourself never having time to do the things you want, or if you find yourself procrastinating a lot, or in any way abusing time on a regular basis, then I'd highly recommend you take two-and-a-half hours out of a week, and watch these two amazing lectures by a former Computer Science...
  50. I

    Transitioning from Nonprofit management to Data Science?

    Hi all, I am trying to figure out the best way to transition into a new career. I obtained my undergraduate degree in mathematics in 2010. Up until the beginning of my senior year I was determined to go on to do a PhD in pure mathematics. However, I started second guessing myself when I...