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Admissions AP class didn't run this year for my school

  1. Jun 21, 2016 #1
    Hey guys and gals. So it's the end of the school year and I chose one of my courses to be AP physics 11 since physics is the career I want to pursue. Unfortunately the course didn't run because not enough people signed up and it's freaking me out. Should I take the May AP exam and self study this challenging course online? And if I don't, will it affect my university application competitiveness level.(By the way I am still talking normal physics 11 for next year). Advice would be amazing. Thanks.
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    Self study for an AP is perfectly feasible. More so, if you can find a teacher to provide some assistance and reality check. However, even if not, it is possible. As to the current state of university competitiveness, I have no idea (I started college in 1971, and left academia before 1975).

    [I took the BC calculus AP exam in 11th grade without even officially completing trig (let alone pre-calc or calc), and got a 5 on it, purely via self study, mostly done in 10th grade].
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    They usually say that they look at the classes on your transcript in the context of your school. So if your school doesn't have this course, they won't hold it against you.
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