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AP Linear Algebra would you think it's a good idea

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    One of the math classes I wasn't able to take in High School but wanted to take was Linear Algebra. Linear Algebra is has many uses like analyzing vectors or solving complicated systems of linear equations. Also for those students who want to go into pure math Linear Algebra can be a very good introduction to rigorous math. Because of all of the uses and flexibility a Linear Algebra coarse can constitute I think it would be a good idea for the college board to make a AP version of the class. What do you guys think?
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    Linear algebra is a good course for high school. But the AP program is a harmful influence on college education, substituting amateur instruction from high school for expert instruction in college.

    I.e. AP courses are misnomers, since they provide at best somewhat better preparation for good college classes and almost never qualify to substitute for them.

    So your suggestion is a good one, but it rubs against my sore spot as to the misguided AP program.
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    Many high schools (in america) you have the opportunity to take LA via duel enrollment! That is case at my high school, and others in the school district.
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