What is Ap physics: Definition and 345 Discussions

In the United States, Advanced Placement (AP) Physics collectively refers to the College Board Advanced Placement Program courses and exams covering various areas of physics. These are intended to be equivalent to university courses that use best practices of physics teaching pedagogy.
Each AP Physics course culminates in an optional exam for which high-performing students may receive some credit towards their college coursework, depending on which college or university they attend.

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  1. S

    APPC Mech MCQ Review: Find Past Exam Questions for Final Prep

    Hi, I was wondering if anybody had the MCQ for the past APPC Mech exams. I'm in the process of studying for my final next week, and it would be a good review. I found the FRQ, but do they not release MCQ? I thought they released mcq for all exams, but I might be wrong- Please let me know- the...
  2. A

    Calculating Torque on this Square

    So I started by just figuring out what forces are going to have torque. I know the one heading straight down from the pivot won’t have any and the one going at an angle from the pivot won’t be included in the net torque since it’s at the pivot. The rest of the forces have torque and they are...
  3. Daniel Guh

    AP Physics C Mechanics: Linear Momentum for Colliding Billiard Balls

    I'm guessing this question can be solved using the law of conservation of momentum Vi = 5 m/s (5 m/s) M = (4.33 m/s) cos30 M + V sinθ M I don't know what to do after this... I'm also not sure if I use the sin and cos correctly.
  4. paulimerci

    Intro Physics Recommendations on Introductory physics and AP physics 1 books?

    Greetings to all. I'm looking for the best textbook for introductory physics that has clear explanations and is problem-oriented. I'd also appreciate any recommendations for textbooks for the AP Physics 1 exam.
  5. M

    Glancing Elastic Collision Questionnaire

    I was able to solve for the velocity of MB and got my answer as 4.47m/s. The main issue right now for me is how to get the angles. I'm really confused on what most people have been posting as we didn't get a groundwork on this topic and so most of the basics I had them self taught. So far I...
  6. cellist542

    Hardest content to learn for AP Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism

    What are some of the hardest concepts to learn in AP E&M? I am going to prepare for the exam with my previous physics teacher. I am currently a senior enrolled in AP Calc BC, and I already took AP Mechanics.
  7. S

    Studying Advice for a Self-Studying AP Physics 1/2 Student?

    Hi! Feel free to yell at me if this is the wrong forum; I'm a little new at this. I'm self-studying AP Physics 1 and 2 this year, and so far it's going quite well! My only fear is that, because I don't have a specific AP Physics teacher, there may be something really important about the...
  8. ClimberT8

    Help: Frequently asked AP Physics or PHY 101 questions bank?

    If you have a collection of questions (possibly with your answers) that students have asked during AP Physics or PHY 101 (so high school or college level physics) I would love to hear from you. As "experts", it is very difficult for us to imagine the questions that novices (first time learners...
  9. pandamonium_

    AP Physics Momentum, Impulse, Collisions, and Power

    1/2mv^2 = 1/2mv^2 - 1/2kx^2 but can't plug in numbers for x or m mv+mv=mv+mv but no mass given very lost
  10. aspodkfpo

    AP Physics C sample question that I think is wrong (dart hitting a box)

    https://apcentral.collegeboard.org/pdf/ap-2020exam-sample-questions-physics-c-mechanics.pdf For 1 b) how did they get that equation? Is it wrong?
  11. Leo Liu

    Torque on a circular current loop

    Can anyone please tell me why the torque on a circular current loop can be calculated by the equation below? In other words, what is the intuition for the formula? Thank you. (I modified my question to a particular case) $$ \vec{\tau} = I \vec{A} \times \vec{B} $$
  12. Leo Liu

    Understanding the Electric Field of a Charged Sphere

    This page claims that "[t]he electric field outside the sphere is given by: ##{E} = {{kQ} \over {r^2}}##, just like a point charge". I would like to know the reason we should treat the sphere as a point charge, even if the charges are uniformly distributed throughout the surface of the...
  13. T

    AP Physics 1 Help? Centripetal motion/Kinematics/Friction problem

    I think I have solved the first three, and only really need help on question four. For number one, I used Fc = (Mv^2)/R and just rearranged it for velocity so I ended up with v = sqrt(ac * R) For number 2 I used Ff = Fn*mu and got Mg*mu = Ff For number 3 I used w = Ff*d and got w = -Mg*mu*l...
  14. nmsurobert

    Teaching high school AP physics

    Hello everyone, A postion for an AP (advanced placement) physics teacher opened up at the high school I work at and I jumped all over it. More specifically, I will be teaching AP Physics 2. I believe I will be one of two teachers in our district teaching the course. I haven't had much...
  15. S

    Courses AP Bio then AP Physics 1 or other way around?

    Hey! I’m a sophomore that is scheduling for next year. Hopefully, I will be taking AP Calc BC next year (junior year). As for my science course, I want to take AP Bio and AP Physics 1 before graduating, but we can only take one per year. So would you recommend Physics during my senior year when...
  16. pokemon123

    AP Physics C E and M#2

    I am attempting to solve part b of this question. I start with the equation A=L^2/4 and I get dA=L/2(dl). Next I find dA/dt=L/2(dL/dt) and I realize dL/dt=v. Thus I get -d(flux)/dt=-BLv/2. Finally, I use emf/R=I. I get -BLv0/2R=I. However, the answer is BLv0/4R=I. I understand dA is supposed to...
  17. J

    Schools Comparing AP Physics C to College Intro Physics Courses

    To the people who took AP Physics C in high school and then took the introductory Calc-based physics sequence in college; how does Physics C compare to the Intro Sequence?
  18. K

    AP Physics C Momentum Problem: A dart launched horizonally by a spring gun

    Homework Statement A boy launches a 20 g dart horizontally by a spring gun from a balcony 45 m above the ground. The dart lands 15 m away from the balcony. If the length of the gun’s barrel is 10 cm, what is the average horizontal force applied by the spring?(A) 1.0N (B) 2.0 N (C) 2.5 N (D) 5. N...
  19. B

    Car Crash Analysis: Analyzing Friction & Speed

    Homework Statement Your consulting agency, with its extensive knowledge of physics, has been subpoenaed to provide expert testimony at an automobile accident case in civil court. The case involves a crash between a Ford Escort car and a tractor-trailer truck. 1. The police department...
  20. When is Work done by Force Negative or Positive?

    When is Work done by Force Negative or Positive?

    Is it confusing to find when is Work done by a force negative or positive? It indeed can be. Learn in this chapter how the dot product of force and displacement can give you the value of work done by the force and also if it is negative or positive
  21. J

    AP Physics Exams: College Apps & Self-Studying Tips

    Hey guys. I'm currently a rising senior just starting my college applications. My junior year I took 6 AP exams: Calc BC (5&5), Physics C: Mechanics (5), English Langauge (5), US History (5), Physics 1 (4), and Biology (4). I only took 5 classes, however, all except c mechanics. Using my calc...
  22. I

    Simple Harmonic Motion/Fundamental Frequency

    Homework Statement A tuba is a instrument that can be modeled after a closed tube and has a length of 4.9m. A frequency of 122.5hz produces resonance in the Tuba. Is this the fundamental frequency of the instrument? If not, what harmonic is it? Homework Equations f=λv 4l=λ(open closed tube) v=...
  23. D

    Force problem with three masses and two pulleys

    Homework Statement For the apparatus in the figure, what is the minimum value of the coefficient of static friction between the block (m3) and the table that would keep the system at rest if m1 = 0.10 kg, m2 = 0.20 kg, and m3 = 0.30 kg? (Assume ideal conditions for the string and pulleys.)...
  24. P

    AP PHYSICS 1 Kinematics falling with deceleration

    Homework Statement Captain American bails out of an airplane and falls 50 meters without friction. When the parachute opens, he decelerate at 2.0m/s2. He reaches the ground with a speed of 3.0 meters/sec. a.) How long is captain america in the air? do= d= vo= v=3m/s t= ? a= -9.8m/s2 ?? (this...
  25. P

    AP Physics 1 kinematics problem

    Homework Statement The engineer of a passenger train rounding a curve at 30m/s sights a slow-moving freight train 200m ahead on the same track traveling in the same direction with a constant velocity of 10m/s. The engineer of the passenger train immediately applies the brakes, causing a...
  26. P

    AP Physics 1 Kinematics problem

    Homework Statement Luke Skywalker is making a diving run at the Death Star, approaching in his X-Wing at a rate of 500m/s. (The Death star is hollow, so it has almost no gravity.) Suddenly, at 800 meters from the Death Star, Luke fires his retro rockets. This creates a reverse acceleration of...
  27. B

    Rotation problem - AP Physics 1

    Hey guys, I'm having trouble understanding this problem that was on an AP Physics 1 sample questions page: So a couple of questions here: (By the way, I know the answer is C) 1. My teacher explained that the net torque here on the assembly would be zero(will ask him again later). Is this...
  28. E

    Courses Homeschooling AP Physics C?

    I have decided to go home schooled for my last two years of high school and I am trying to make a curriculum at the moment. Do any of you know a good resource for this? It has not been too hard to find a physics 1 or 2 course, but calculus based physics courses have been pretty sparse. So far I...
  29. E

    Courses AP Physics 2 without AP Physics 1?

    Hey, all! My situation is as follows: I'm an upcoming senior in high school and in the middle of my junior year I developed an interest in physics. However, at my school, AP Physics 1 is taken junior year and AP Physics 2 is taken senior year. I didn't take AP 1 because I was indifferent to...
  30. L

    Studying Openstax textbooks for AP Physics -- Opinions / Experiences?

    I am interested in experiences with the Open Stax textbook for AP Physics.
  31. E

    AP Physics 1 textbook flaw?

    Homework Statement [/B] I'm probably missing something basic here but: The moment of inertia of a body does NOT depend on which of the following? (choose 2 answers) A: The angular acceleration of the body B. The distribution of mass in the body C. The angular velocity of the body D. The axis...
  32. L

    Finding internal resistance & EMF of a battery in a circuit

    Homework Statement When an external resistor of resistance R 1 = 14 Ω is connected to the terminals of a battery, a current of 6.0 A flows through the resistor. When an external resistor of resistance R2 = 64.4 Ω is connected instead, the current is 2.0 A. Calculate the emf and the internal...
  33. Supremetheking

    AP Physics Question on Conservation of Energy

    1. Homework Statement A toy car coasts along he curved track shown above. The car has initial speed vA when it is at point A at the top of the track, and the car leaves the track at point B with speed vB at an angle ϴ above the horizontal. Assume that the energy losses due to friction is...
  34. K

    Can I take AP Physics 1 while concurrently taking Algebra 2?

    Next year, I want to take AP Physics 1 but I am worried that it would be confusing since I would still be learning about Algebra 2. Is it recommended to do this?
  35. Isaac0427

    Courses AP Physics C in 10th grade?

    Hi, I know I have asked a similar question before but I now have more information. I have been communicating with the AP physics teacher at my high school. I have really been looking to challenge myself with science (which I can't do this year; I have a 100% in honors chemistry, a mostly 10th...
  36. R

    Masses connected to spring momentum

    Homework Statement An m = 1.3 kg block and an M = 3.0 kg block have a spring compressed between them and rest on a frictionless table. With a stopper in place that prevents m from moving, the spring is compressed and released so that M moves away with a speed 2.0 m/s. The spring is...
  37. R

    Block sliding on top of cart

    Homework Statement A block of mass m =0.75 kg is set on a large cart of mass M = 6.5 kg. The cart's rollers are frictionless, but there is a coefficient of kinetic friction of 0.36 between the cart's surface and the block. The cart is at rest when the block is given an initial speed of 5.2...
  38. S

    Testing What are the best online resources for AP Physics C?

    I was wondering if there were any good online resources for AP Physics C with notes, practice tests, etc.
  39. C

    Postion vs time graph without time or initial speed?

    Homework Statement Consider the system shown to the right. Particles 1 and 2 are fixed in place while particle three is placed at the location shown and released. Let’s look at the mechanics of q3, which has a mass of 3.00 X 10-5 kg. What will be the net force on q3?What will be q3’s...
  40. C

    Solving a Physics Problem: Find Velocity of Block at Bottom of Loop

    Homework Statement This is for my ap physics summer work and is giving me some trouble and could use any help A small block, with a mass of 250 g, starts from restart the top of the apparatus shown above. It then slides without friction down the incline, around the loop then onto the final...
  41. D

    Schools AP Physics C and College Introductory Physics

    Hi everyone, I want to know that if a five on Ap Physics C exam can replace college's two introductory physics courses. Also, what topic should I study after Physics C that helps me to be better off in college higher-level physics? Thank you.
  42. W

    Intro Physics Best AP Physics 1/2 Textbook?

    I'm currently in high school and I'm looking to buy/rent a textbook so I can prepare myself for next year's AP Physics 1/2 class and so I can do well on the AP test. I'm pretty sure the course isn't calculus based. I know for sure my physics class will cover: mechanics, kinetic theory and...
  43. oogleshmoogle

    When do I use Biot-Savart Law vs. Ampere's Law?

    This isn't a homework problem, I have the solutions for this problem. I'm just wondering why, for question 3, letter a, part ii, it's necessary to use the Biot-Savart law instead of Ampere's law? What are the use cases for Biot-Savart law vs. Ampere's law...
  44. H

    Does anyone know what this picture on an AP Physics t-shirt means?

    I found this picture on an AP Physics t-shirt years ago and always wanted to know what it meant. Thanks. https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=928629337173584&id=100000795784980&set=a.159337417436117.23735.100000795784980&source=48
  45. D

    Are AP Physics 1 FRQ's appropriate for First Year Student

    This post is directed at the college professors and graduate TA's on the forum. You may or maynot be aware that the College Board recently redesigned the algebra/trig based AP physics course and split it into two - 1 year courses. The first year effectively covering mechanics through waves and...
  46. A

    How does a swing demonstrate acceleration changes in both speed and direction?

    Hi there! So to wrap up the year in AP Physics 1, we have to take videos or pictures of physics in everyday life. Two of my situations are: 1. Situation where you have greatest net torque 2. Situation where acceleration changes both speed and direction at same time For the first one, I was...
  47. xXhumans0monstersXx

    Spinning Ice Skater Question

    So basically, I was doing my AP Physics 1 homework and came across the spinning ice skater question yet again. The question states, "An ice skater is spinning about a vertical axis with arms fully extended. If the arms are pulled in closer to the body, in which of the following ways are the...
  48. RoboNerd

    Question on ap physics c 2012 free response

    Homework Statement The problem is attached in the file "selection(1).pdf" The explanations/solutions are attached in "selections.pdf" which is below [Problem image - added by moderator to make it visible in-thread] Looking at how they solved part C, I have no idea why they say that the...
  49. RoboNerd

    Question on AP Physics C FRQ 2013. #3

    Homework Statement http://media.collegeboard.com/digitalServices/pdf/ap/apcentral/ap13_frq_physics_c_mechanics.pdf The problem is above. It is number 3. The solutions are below: http://media.collegeboard.com/digitalServices/pdf/ap/apcentral/ap13_physics_cm_scoring_guidelines.pdf Homework...