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    For anyone who hasn't watched Greg Craven's outstanding YouTube series on anthropogenic global warming (AGW) called; "How It All Ends", it is brilliant.


    Weighing in at around 6 hours total, with 44 videos, Greg has nailed it. He has taken great care to vet his sources NAS, AAAS, IPCC, the Pentagon to name a few. He spends much of the time playing devils advocate to himself (he's really very funny) and by doing so he gives us a well rounded overview of the debate that still lingers in the media being driven mainly by anti-global warming advocacy groups that rate low down on the credibility scale. Greg is a physics teacher and this guy has done his homework so check him out (that is.. if you haven't already).

    P.S. Don't be put off by the dramatic title.. gotta admit though, it's an eye catcher.

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    From his Trailer: "Ive now got a conclusion thats undeniable"
    Move along, nothing to see here.
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