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Apple introduces latest iNonsense

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    What the hell? Who would buy this thing? It's pretty much big enough to be considered a terrible laptop. Recession my $#%@%#.

    I feel like phasing iAnything users out of my life. I hate iApple for their nonsense as well. Hey look at us, we just made something that already existed to look sexy and expensive and had Bono push it and we call ourselves innovators. Idiots.
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    Personally, I think the touch screen feature that they're trying to put on everything is backwards technology. I can sit on my computer for hours using my mouse, only having to move it slightly to do everything I want. I couldn't do the same thing if I was having to hold my arm up and move my hand the entire length of the screen for every motion.

    And yeah, you're right, if I wanted a portable computer, I'd just buy a laptop. Who cares if it's thinner? I have plenty of spatial area to allow for that extra inch of thickness. I think I'll be ok.
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    Actually, I would buy it. I was hoping that they would develop something like this. Their higher price is nothing compared to the time they save me not dealing with bugs of their competitors. Take their $500 price tag and divide it by your hourly consulting rate. Seems like a bargain to me.
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    I use Apple's products because they excel at meeting my needs. I have a Macbook, an iMac, and an iPhone. All three have exceeded my expectations in virtually every area. Their customer service is also unmatched.

    I, personally, don't see a use for the iPad in my own life, but I won't judge others' motivations for purchasing one.
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    iPad is meant to compete with kindle over the ebook business. For folks that enjoy reading ebooks, iPad certainly exceeds kindle in alot of ways. It has more powerful processor than the iphone, so it will be able to run more complex apps.

    I would find it more comfortable to read schematics on the ipad, access servers and any web controlled devices than on a laptop.
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    I am so getting this. I would wait for Apple to release a version with better processor though.
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    I agree, the name is kind of annoying as I hate how everything has 'i' in front of it, but this seems like it wouldn't be that bad to own.

    @leroy I don't see how you would attach a mouse to this and I don't know if you've every tried reading a book off a laptop screen but it's not too pleasant.
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    I read books off my computer screen all the time. I'm currently reading 21 different books.
    What's the huge difference between reading a book on a laptop and reading one on a half-laptop?
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    The iPad would be much less cumbersome to manuver and position. I like to read in positions which are not laptop-friendly. There are also situations, like in a park on the grass, where a laptop would be less desirable.
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    I sort of like the idea.
    But this "pad" has the same problem as all the others: it is too big when you are NOT using it.
    I'd like to have something that can be folded together and fits in my pocket when I am not using it, although that might have to wait until electronic paper becomes commercially viable.
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    Have you ever tried reading one off the "half-laptop"?
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    No, but that doesn't negate the fact that I still think reading on a computer is perfectly pleasant, since that's kinda what computers are for to begin with.
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    The screen of the kindle is different from the screen of a computer. Once the screen is painted, it remains there without drawing power until the next screen is painted. Painting time is long, so animations are not displayed well. Battery life is in days, not hours. The image is much easier on the eyes than a computer screen. Since the battery life is said to be 10 hours, I assume that the iPad screen is not of this type. You can read books on a computer, but that doesn't make it an e-book reader in my opinion.
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    I have a convertible tablet, works brilliantly for that purpose.
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    Would it have killed them to put an SD card slot on the Ipad? Having a separate accessory to copy pictures from a digital camera is lame. Maybe they figured it would kill demand for the 32gb and 64gb models.
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    I think that it's just for women - http://failblog.org/2010/01/27/name-fail-photoshop-win/" [Broken].

    http://failblog.files.wordpress.com/2010/01/ipad.jpg?w=250&h=250 [Broken]

    EDIT: Looks like this is just the start - http://www.cnn.com/2010/TECH/01/27/apple.ipad.reaction/" [Broken]
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  21. Jan 28, 2010 #20
    The iPad disappointed a lot of people who were expecting a revolutionary new device because the iPad is not revolutionary, it's evolutionary. It uses the same simple layout 75 million people already know how to use.

    Its built to deliver content in the form of music, movies, TV shows, and apps, which are making Apple billions, as well as print media such as newspapers, magazines, and books, which is new territory for Apple. Paying for print media though is something Apple is hoping to revive, and clearly the best way to do that is to target people who already do so but want something more convenient.

    Over half of iPhone users are over 35, so clearly having a device with a much larger screen is going to enhance the experience tremendously for their targeted demographic. ( http://techcrunchies.com/age-demographics-of-iphone-users/ )

    I'm not particularly excited by the device, I own an iphone 3g, and a macbook. As a college student the combination is perfect for me. The iPad isn't built for students, it isn't designed to take notes on, or really do anything productive. Its core purpose is to deliver content, so I won't be buying one. It also lacks a camera and therefore any augmented reality abilities, a personal interest of mine.

    I do however recognize this release as a strategic move for Apple, and a culmination of their efforts in developing a new kind of interface. This device and its successors will make Apple a lot of money.
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