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Job Skills Application:interview ratio in the U.S.?

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    When applying for entry level positions (flipping burgers for McD's), how many applications do you have to fill out to get a job? I've been applying for about 5 years, and did exactly 60 applications in the last two weeks alone. I have never been contacted by any employer, and have no paid work experience.

    Am I just extraordinarily unlucky, or not trying hard enough? How many applications do you guys have to fill out, on average, to at least get an interview?
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    Depends, if they are hiring - 1.

    For entry level jobs like this, focus on applying at places that say "help wanted" in the window, or have an ad saying they are hiring.
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    I got an interview (but not a job) at the second place at which I applied (a Subway, no prior work experience). Are you applying at the "right" times? The best time to apply is before summer break starts and all the college and high school kids start hunting.
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    I would recommend that rather than just filling out applications you spend some time speaking with people.

    If you're really interested in a job "flipping burgers" when you go in to apply, ask to speak with the manager for a few minutes. Hand him or her a resume and ask about the hiring process. When do they do their hiring? Are they looking for people in particular positions? Is there someone you could follow up with after a few weeks? If they aren't hiring, do they know of anyone who may be? Try as much as possible to do this at a slow time of the day.
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