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Applications of Complex Numbers in Kinematics

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    Can anyone please provide me 3 examples where complex numbers are used in kinematics.
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    Complex numbers are used for a lot of applications in two dimensional kinematics where rotation is involved. The reason for this is the ease with which a complex number can be differentiated.

    That said, I personally never make use of complex numbers for kinematics because I think it ultimately leads to confusion. In a kinematics problem, the quantities involved are invariably real numbers, and it is confusing to have to consider some real number as represented by complex or imaginary numbers while others remain real. It is never necessary. All kinematics problems can be worked entirely in terms of real numbers, and I strongly recommend doing just that. The small extra effort required to deal with rotation is more than compensated by the fact that real quantities remain real.
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    Complex numbers are not so useful in the description of 2D kinematics. They are used a lot in the description of electronic circuits, in the study of two dimensional flows i.e. Hydrodynamics, and in many other fields of course...
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