Applied and Pure mathematics with focus on modelling

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    Hi, I am in need of some expert advice please.

    I am enrolling for my honours degree in mathematics next year. I am trying to mix it up in order to have a strong foundation in pure mathematics with specialisation in applied mathematics. My interests are financial mathematics, probability and mathematical modelling.

    Below may seem a bit imbalanced on the pure vs. applied, but both measure theory and functional analysis will be covered in depth (two modules each).

    For the pure part I have chosen:
    >Measure Theory
    >Functional Analysis

    For the applied, I have gone for:
    >Applied functional analysis (which is based on a PDE textbook)
    >Optimization theory
    >Continuous time stochastic processes
    >Fluid mechanics

    I still need to choose one of the following for pure mathematics:
    >Graph Theory
    >Set Theory and Topology
    >Nonlinear ODE's

    So I guess the question is which would be a stronger choice to ensure a good foundation in pure mathematics with application to mathematical modelling. I can see the advantages of enrolling for set theory (much used in measure theory) but I am not sure what use topology would have from a mathematical modelling point of view.

    Perhaps someone has a different view entirely - any guidance would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!
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    The obvious answer is Nonlinear ODE if you into Applied Maths.

    If you plan to procceed to a PHD degree in math (either pure or applied), I guess you could take a set theory or graph theory courses as extra classes.

    Best of luck, either way.
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