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Propulsion Universelle et Récupération d'Énergie (PURE; English: Universal Propulsion and Energy Recovery) was a motorsports engineering company founded by former British American Racing team principal Craig Pollock in 2011. It aimed to design and manufacture engines for use under the 2014 Formula One technical regulations, that mandate a switch from the current normally aspirated V8 engines to turbocharged V6 engines. The company was linked to Mecachrome, and employed former members of Renault and Peugeot's 1990s Formula One engine programmes.In July 2011, the company secured the services of Gilles Simon, formerly head of Scuderia Ferrari's engine department and the FIA technical director for powertrain development. The recruitment was controversial, with several teams and manufacturers – particularly Renault – expressing concerns that Simon's previous position with the FIA would grant him access to sensitive technical data about engine designs that could potentially be used by PURE in the development of their own engine. Simon and PURE rejected these suggestions, stating that the process of developing the 2014 engine regulations had been transparent, and that all parties involved had access to the same information so that no individual group would have an advantage. PURE used Toyota Motorsport's facilities in Cologne, Germany, whilst also maintaining a French base. In July 2012, PURE suspended its engine programme due to a lack of funding and later ceased operations.

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  1. billtodd

    PhD in theoretical physics and a PhD in Pure Maths at an old age

    I am approaching an old age of 40, and now pursuing an MSc in Engineering without a thesis nor project. Before that I pursued MScs in Physics and Maths, but never finished writing my theses. I have a sort of perturbed attitude towards both Maths and Physics, I mean something really pure in maths...
  2. mathguy_1995

    Programs PhD in pure Maths and... Physics

    Hello, I'm currently a phd candidate in pure maths, doing research in Ergodic Theory (concerning ergodic convergence theorems). When I started studying Ergodic Theory I ran into Statistical Mechanics and I immediately fell in love. I've started studying physics from scratch. As my current...
  3. N

    B Is There an Alternative Approach to Learning Pure Math for Beginners?

    I've wanted to learn pure math for a while. I bought the book "A Concise Introduction to Pure Mathematics by Martin Liebeck." The first chapter or so misled me into thinking that finishing the rest of the book would be doable. Chapter 1 gets into definitions of sets and related vocabulary and...
  4. Sagittarius A-Star

    I Why Must Pure Force Depend on 4-Velocity?

    Disclaimer: Please read in the following formulas ##E/c^2## instead of ##m##, because W. Rindler used relativistic mass, what might be confusing with today's usage of the term "mass". I am reading the chapter "38. The formal structure of Maxwell's theory" in Wolfgang Rinder's book "Introduction...
  5. matqkks

    Introduction to pure mathematics

    TL;DR Summary: education, history I need to devise a module for next academic year which is an introduction to pure mathematics. They need to use this module as a stepping stone module such as number theory, group theory, combinatorics, real analysis. What should I cover to make this an...
  6. A

    Intro Math Plan to revise my learned math & start learning pure math

    Hello everyone, I'm planning to review learned mathematics from high school & start leaning pure math. You can reply to red colored text if you don't want to read full thread. My math level : Graduates as engineer 10 years ago. Got A in Calculus 1 & 2 (Those were single variable calculus), Got...
  7. tbn032

    B Why is static friction necessary for pure rolling?

    Suppose a cylinder is launched on a horizontal frictional surface such that it has initial translational velocity v and zero angular velocity .the kinetic friction would be applied between the contact points of the cylinder and the surface, opposite to the direction of the translational motion...
  8. Dario56

    I Density Operators of Pure States

    Quantum states are most often described by the wavefunction ,##\Psi##. Variable ,##\Psi(x_1x_2\dots x_n) \Psi^*(x_1x_2\dots x_n)## defines probability density function of the system. Quantum states can also be described by the density matrices (operators). For a pure state, density matrix is...
  9. tbn032

    B Friction on pure rolling non deforming sphere?

    How will the friction work on a sphere which is purely rolling on a horizontal surface such that both the sphere and surface does not deform. The sphere at any time t will only have one point of contact, which would continuously changing as the sphere rolls. Will The friction be applied to the...
  10. tbn032

    B Is simple harmonic motion also a pure translatory motion?

    Is simple harmonic motion also a pure translatory motion?"A rigid body moves in pure translation if each particle of the body undergoes the same displacement as every other particle in any given time interval" [Halliday and Resnick, Physics].If not,then how does shm deviate from this definition>
  11. R

    Why does a quick pulse of a pure tone have overtones?

    I'm new to the forum and not sure I've chosen the right section. And while not an engineer or physicist, I'm pretty scienc-y. I've been wondering this since I was a kid listening to shortwave radio, and decided in my 60s to try once more to understand. The time broadcasts from NIST stations...
  12. XcgsdV

    Courses Is Pure Mathematics required to be a top-tier Physics student?

    Hey y'all, I'm starting college as a Physics major this fall and I started working through Steve Warner's Pure Mathematics for Beginners in my downtime because I love the math courses I've had, wanted to learn more about proofs and how those things came to be, and most importantly had nothing...
  13. Ahmed1029

    I Exact electrostatic potential of a pure dipole using multipole expansion

    If I have a physical dipole with dipole moment p. Now, this formula for potential (V) is a good approximation when r is much larger than both r1 and r2 in the picture below. It's however said that for a pure dipole for which the separation between charges goes to zero and q goes to infinity, the...
  14. J

    I Reflectivity of Pure Metals in Vacuum

    All data I see online about reflectivity of metals is about aluminum in the atmosphere meaning oxidized aluminum, but pure aluminum in vacuum in case of the James Webb telescope would also be extremely reflective but building it on Earth means it's going to get oxidized, similarly there are a...
  15. wild_boffin

    Courses Pure physics vs. adding a math major?

    I’m sure I’m not the first to ask about this but I could use some advice from the internet: I am a sophomore lost in the world and somewhat recently decided I was going to major in physics with my eyes on grad school. I am on track to get a math minor but I am weighing the trade-offs of picking...
  16. einheit

    I Are all (pure) states physically realizable?

    To elaborate that summary a bit, suppose ##\mathcal H## is the Hilbert space of the particle, with ##\mathcal{H}_2\subseteq\mathcal{H}## its two-dimensional spin subspace. Now consider any ##|x\rangle\in\mathcal{H}## such that ##|x\rangle\perp\mathcal{H}_2##, i.e., ##\forall ~...
  17. stephen8686

    I Entanglement, Mixed or Pure State?

    I have a source that says when two particles are entangled, we must describe them using the density operator because it is a mixed state. But I have another source that says that the singlet state of two spins is an entangled state, but that has a wavefunction. So could someone explain what I am...
  18. K

    A Mixed versus Pure Quantum States for the Singlet

    I have some basic questions about mixed states and entanglement. 1. Do mixed states always imply that the states are entangled and vice versa? 2. Can mixed states ever be separable? 3. Does interference have anything to do with entanglement? In terms of Density Matrices, ρ = |ψ><ψ|: 4...
  19. SilverSoldier

    Approximations in Chemical Equilibrium (add a weak acid HA into pure water)

    Suppose we add a weak acid HA into pure water, so that upon addition its initial concentration is c. The following equilibria should establish in the system. $$\text{HA}+\text{H}_2\text{O}\rightleftharpoons\text{H}_3\text{O}^++\text{A}^-$$...
  20. Z

    Admissions Applying to a PhD in Pure Math with an undergraduate degree in physics

    Not from the US. I have a Bachelor of Science in Physics and a Master of Engineering Science. Mid-way through my undergraduate study, I realized that I am more interested in pure math than physics and wanted to apply for a PhD in pure math after my graduation. I had done research and written a...
  21. rhotonsix

    I Pure mathematics problem solving and relevance to theoretical physics

    I am recreationally self studying physics and math with the ultimate goal of understanding theoretical/mathematical framework of classical mechanics, general relativity, and quantum mechanics (in addition to the actual physics). The question I have is how deep in the realm of pure math does one...
  22. sa1988

    Pure Physicist - A physics simulator app

    There are plenty of physics apps around already but most seem to just be words and pictures. I haven't found many that offer good simulators for proper textbook physics. So I made one. Pure Physicist - Google Play The underlying physics 'engine' uses the as yet incomplete University Physics...
  23. S

    Studying Good research areas in pure math

    My name is shabani makwaru from Tanzania i am master student in Pure mathematics at University of Dar es salaam Please can help me in advising which area is good in research in pure math
  24. TechieDork

    Are theoretical physicists and pure mathematicians just like priests?

    I was often told that If you want to pursue something pure and abstract like theoretical physics and pure maths you have to give up the materialism , say good bye to your dream of living a big house , swimming pool and a yatch. there is no weath in these fields. And people who work in these...
  25. Captain Kneecaps

    Programs Pure maths or applied maths as a second major to physics

    I am currently in my second year of studying a bachelor in physics and applied maths. My aim is to one day do research in physics. I am particularly interested in subjects such as gauge theories, AdS/CFT and gravity. My question is whether it would be more beneficial to switch from studying...
  26. F

    Should I avoid a pure math route?

    So I'm still doing some soul searching with finding a major. Currently I enjoy physics and math. However, while I'm good at the mathematical side of physics, conceptually I'm pretty frustratingly slow at it. Often I make the mistake of jumping right into the math without considering the actual...
  27. N

    USB powerbank with pure 5V output

    I guess USB powerbank have switching power supply for the 5V output? I need a pure 5V power bank that doesn't use switching power supply but just pure output like the 3.7v lithium battery in cell phone. And why doesn't lithium battery doesn't produce 5 volt dc output?
  28. m4r35n357

    Damped & Driven Pendulums (in _pure_ Python)

    This is another application of using Taylor recurrences (open access) to solve ODEs to arbitrarily high order (e.g. 10th order in the example invocation). It illustrates use of trigonometric recurrences, rather than the product recurrences in my earlier Lorenz ODE posts. Enjoy! #!/usr/bin/env...
  29. J

    1 mm magnetic shield of pure iron same as 1 cm of mu-metal?

    When materials with high permeability are used to shield against low EMF frequencies of the order of 10 Hz, is the effectiveness linearly dependent on thickness and permeability? In other words, pure iron (mu=200,000) can be 10 times thinner than mu-metal (mu=20,000) for the same result with a...
  30. m4r35n357

    What is the Nelder-Mead algorithm and how can it be implemented in pure Python?

    Adapted from this code, which is an implementation of the algorithm described here. Removed dependency on Numpy Use as library code or test Himmelblau's function from copy import copy from sys import stderr, argv def replace_worst(data, new): del data[-1] data.append(new) def...
  31. matqkks

    What should be the order of things on an introduction to pure maths?

    I want to produce a resource that has a narrative and includes the following topics: Sets, logic and proofs, numbers (irrational, integers, rational, …), binomial theorem, geometric series, inequalities, define things like identity, polynomial, symmetry, sigma and product notation. It is in...
  32. matqkks

    MHB Order Matters: Intro to Pure Mathematics Module

    I want to produce a resource that has a narrative and includes the following topics: Sets, logic and proofs, numbers (irrational, integers, rational, …), binomial theorem, geometric series, inequalities, define things like identity, polynomial, symmetry, sigma and product notation. It is in aid...
  33. wrobel

    Insights A Pure Hamiltonian Proof of the Maupertuis Principle - Comments

    Greg Bernhardt submitted a new blog post A Pure Hamiltonian Proof of the Maupertuis Principle Continue reading the Original Blog Post.
  34. J

    Determining Solubility in Acidic Solutions / Pure Water

    Homework Statement How many of the following would you NOT expect to be more soluble in acid than in pure water? FeS, CuCN, AlPO4, BaCO3, AgCl Homework Equations None necessary The Attempt at a Solution So we know that anything with OH- or anything that has the conjugate base of a weak acid...
  35. A

    I PROOF: Quantum Fidelity with pure states

    Hi, I'm currently working on showing the relation of quantum fidelity: The quantum “fidelity” between two pure states ρ1 = |ψ1⟩⟨ψ1| and ρ2 = |ψ2⟩⟨ψ2| is given by |⟨ψ1|ψ2⟩|^2. Show that this quantity may be written as Tr(ρ1ρ2). I've been following the wikipedia page on fidelity but can't...
  36. S

    Pure bending of a perfectly elastic cantilever beam

    Hi, My question is: If a constant load is applied at the free end of a perfectly elastic cantilever beam, would the beam oscillate about a mean position? Or would it eventually come to rest at the equilibrium position? There are no damping effects. Thank you.
  37. H

    Why is this equation about adding pure substances correct?

    Hello, I have a little problem. I try to find out why the second equation in the picture is correct. How can I get it? Down on the paper is what I did. Where did the (1+V2/V1) disappear from the right side of equation? Thank You for every help.
  38. m4r35n357

    Lorenz ODE solver in 35 lines of pure Python

    Features: No external dependencies. Arbitrary order simulation (accuracy limited by float precision). No finite difference errors. Can be extended to arbitrary precision with gmpy2 and two more lines. Enjoy! Parameters: order step size number of steps initial conditions (x, y, z) parameters...
  39. Oats

    Going from pure math to applied math

    Hello, I am a second year PhD student in pure mathematics, and I'm going through a bit of a dilemma. Up to this point I felt that I wanted to work in Mathematical Logic. To be honest, I think working in any field of math would be fun, but logic had extra cool topics like computability theory...
  40. Neha98

    Programs Applied or pure physics major is best for an astronomy career?

    I'm willing to make postgraduate studies in astronomy or astrophysics so which major is more suitable for me applied or pure phyics?
  41. Pouyan

    Finding state vectors for pure states

    Homework Statement Is the following matrix a state operator ? and if it is a state operator is it a pure state ? and if it is so then find the state vectors for the pure state. If you don't see image here is the matrix which is 2X2 in MATLAB code: [9/25 12/25; 12/25 16/25] Homework...
  42. Another

    Motor Oil: Pure Substance or Mixture?

    i wonder if the motor oil a pure substance or mixture substance i know water are pure substance and i think motor oil same water
  43. R

    Battery connected to a pure inductor with a Zero-resistance wire

    I know the mechanism of a circuit containing just a capacitor connected to battery in resistance less wire. The particles are just tending towards making same emf on capacitor. But, I am not able to think clearly for the case of inductor. As, we connect battery and as resistance is 0.So,current...
  44. S

    Programs MSc in pure physics or nuclear physics?

    Myself satyabhaskar. I completed my bachelor's degree with 93% and I got 3rd rank in AUCET with the specialization of physics.Now I have a small confusion about which subject i want to choose in msc physics.My main aim is to get a govt job if it is not possible then after i will enter into...
  45. S

    How to evaluate pure Mode-II SIF using Abaqus?

    I am trying to evaluate pure Mode-II SIF using Abaqus for edge normal crack in the plate. The solution i am getting using Abaqus is not matching with the theoretical SIF. The boundary condition i have used is shown in fig attached. suggest me proper boundary condition to evaluate the SIF.
  46. G

    Pure rolling of sphere having non uniform mass density ?

    in case of rolling without slipping of a solid sphere having uniform mass density the condition is Vcm (velocity of center of mass ) = Rω or [a][/cm] = Rα ,which comes from the fact that if an object that rolls without slipping the geometric center of the body travels 1 circumference along...
  47. A

    Modified sine wave vs pure sine wave inverter

    i was desigining a simple ( simple as in no MPPT) PV-pump standalone system, and we decided on using an AC-pump, so while i was searching for inverters i noticed the remarkable difference in price ranges, so i started to read about the difference between the two, so far the disadvantages of the...
  48. Richie Smash

    What is the density of pure chromium in g cm^-3?

    Homework Statement This question concerns the resistance wire Nichrome. ''Nichrome is an alloy of nickel (80%) and chromium (20%). The density of Nichrome is 8.56 g cm^-3. Diameter/mm ------------------------->1.219 -- 0.914---0.711----0.560------0.457-------0.315 Current carrying...
  49. CrunchBerries

    Spinning disk, friction and pure roll

    Homework Statement [/B] A uniform solid disk of radius R is set into rotation with an angular speed ωi about an axis through its center. While still rotating at this speed, the disk is placed into contact with a horizontal surface and immediately released as shown in figure below (a) What is...