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Apply as Adult or Current Student? (Can. Univ.)

  1. Jan 4, 2016 #1
    I completed high school, and received diploma in '09.
    Currently I am in adult school advancing my high school credits.

    I am able to apply as either an Adult or as a Current Student.
    But, I don't know which I should choose;
    I have been told that I am able to apply as either, and each has its benefits and not knowing which, id have better odds of acceptance.

    I'm looking at getting into engineering.
    Anyone know which to apply as?

    **If I apply as a Current Student, id be faced with more applicants, but there are more openings. However, if I apply as an Adult, I have a better chance as there are fewer Adults applying, however, it also means there are less Adult positions open.**
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  3. Jan 4, 2016 #2
    Not sure if this will be helpful or not.
    I finished my first degree in 2005, I was the typical student out of highschool didn't work all that hard and had mediocre marks.
    After I lost my job in 2008 I decided to go back to school. With my first degree marks I was 100% certain that I wouldn't get in. Ironically I only finished my application to 1 school. Which I promptly got into.

    I would say then apply as an adult, as I feel like they take more into account than just your grades.
    The other option is could you apply to a couple schools as an Adult and a couple other schools as a current student?

    Don't be afraid to also apply at some of the feeder schools to do your Engineering Technician diploma (first 2 years of engineering). There is such a high failure rate these days for first year engineering that schools are increasing the class sizes to compensate :)
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