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Applying for jobs lets be realistic.

  1. Aug 23, 2007 #1
    So I'm graduating in may o8...can't wait!. (sorry i've been saying that way too much) I'll be getting a B.S in Graphic Design and a BSEET. I go to georgia southern but i'd really really really like to leave georgia for awhile just a change of scenerey really. I hope it's possible. My school's dept is really focused on job placement in and around georgia so most of the people at our job fair are hiring for Savannah and Atlanta or Augusta (where i'm from). So my question is when I go looking for jobs to apply to what type of companies are my best bet. I k now i'm not an EE major so it's not like google or GE are going to give me the time of day. do where? and when they say EE or similar discipline for degree requirements does that include EET? I do have safespot if it doesn't work: my sister is a VP at sam's and keeps telling me they hire people in the engineering field. but bentonville's a bit flat and nondiverse for my liking.
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    What is a BSEET? You are a Graphic Designer = artist/illustrator?
    Unfortunately most work in this field is likely to be contract and there is a lot of competition - it's not a field with a very high barrier to entry (see nephew art).
    The only way to make money is probably to create a syndicated cartoon!

    Entry level jobs at ad agencies, game companies and anywhere else 'cool' are likely to be fought over, do you have a portfolio of work? Are there any 'uncool' industries that could use your skills?
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    I am pretty sure he means a B.S. in Electrical Engineering Technology.
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    yea... BSEET is in Electrical Engineering technology... and with a name like cupcake I'm not a he. lol . My graphic design studies mainly is focused in industrial drafting and design (which really helps in the EET dept b/c i learned CAD before any of my fellow classmates) and web and publication design. Very non exciting things like designing websites for businesses and formatting and designing annual reports, brochures, catolgues, stationary and whatnots.
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    Interesting combination EEng and graphic design!
    Didn't mean to sound rude but there isn't exactly a shortage of 'designers'.

    Product design consultancies are good start especially if you are more technically qualified than the typical 'felt-tip fairy'. (1)
    Knowing hi-end cad like ProEngineer/Autocad Inventor definately helps.
    I don't know of any specific companies in the US, you should probably pick an area to live and then look for an employer, they are likely to be spread around any high tech region.

    (1) Official engineering term for desginer brought in by a company who has more piercings than IQ points and 'designs' the poduct with a few coloured swipes of a pen that the 'real' engineers then have to try and get an injection mould tool to make.
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    felt tip fairy... lol. ...new favourite phrase. thanks for the advise
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