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Applying for PhD program in spring 2016 vs fall 2016

  1. Jun 15, 2015 #1
    Generally is it as difficult to get into a PhD program in physics during the spring then it is during the fall? I'm asking because many of the schools I'm applying to say that most students are admitted during the fall but they give you the option to apply for the spring as well.
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    I also have looked into applying for the spring term... most of the schools I've looked at don't even offer admission for the spring term, so we must be on different pages.
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    What I've found so far while researching my options for grad school is that most PhD programs only accept new candidates in the fall semester. I don't think I've even seen any that admit new students in the spring.

    That being said, if the schools you're looking at do offer spring admissions, I can't imagine it would really be any more difficult (or any easier for that matter) than typical fall admissions. Most students are admitted in the fall because most students apply for the fall. It's when the school year officially starts in the US, and most students follow this schedule.
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    Some schools will offer spring admissions in Canada for what it's worth. From what I've seen spring admits are usually exceptions, where the main cohort of graduate students is admitted in the fall. I could be wrong, but I believe spring admission is generally more for MSc grads who continue on into the PhD, and this avoids having to wait for an extended period between the master's defence and beginning the PhD.

    If you think you'll be ready for spring admission, you should contact the school(s) that you're iterested in and discuss whether that's an option for you. Don't expect there to be any competitive advantage though. If there were, I'm sure students would have figured it out a lng time ago.
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