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I Applying physics to economics/finance

  1. Dec 15, 2016 #1
    Hello everybody,

    I am currently a junior majoring in physics and economics and I am starting to think about my senior projects.
    For my senior project next year, I would like to see if I can apply any physics "concept" to economics or finance. Do you know what would be the best approach for this research?

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    You might want to look at C. Schinckus, Am. J. Phys. v.78, p.325 (2010), first, and then do your own search on "econophysics" and why a lot of people are skeptical of it. Rick Bookstaber, a senior policy advisor at the SEC, even have a blog post on this that you might find in your search.

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    I believe "quants" are big on wall street calculating hedge funds.
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    Yup. Physicists apparently beat out even mathematicians here due to the applied aspects.
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    I can't quote a source but I heard they use a diffusion type model.
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