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Arduino and Chromebook (Plug-in)

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    Hey for a while I thought that I would have to always lug around my huge HP laptop in order to code for my Arduino... seeing as my slim, sleek, light weight chrome book has an OS that revolves around apps rather than programs. But then found out about a thing called Codebender ( https://codebender.cc/ ) :smile: It allows you to write code for the arduino on your chrome book and upload it even though it utilizes the Chrome OS.

    Has anyone ever had any problem with it? Right now I have uploaded some small/simple sketches and seems to work just fine. Has anyone tried any other plug-ins? Does anyone see any apparent flaws that I can not see right now?

    Anyways, to be honest, I am just really glad that I am able to write simple sketches on the go more so now and wanted to share that knowledge to anyone else that might have had their doubts of the Chrome OS. Seems that they may be even offering the play store to Chrome OS in the near future! :woot:
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    In general, I don't like uploading my code to any site because if its important to me or work related then its possible that someone may grab a copy.

    Granted its probably very unlikely as my code would probably set civilization back a few decades but genetic paranoia is deep.

    However, it does seem like a nice solution to getting arduino code with the possible drawback of getting malware (that paranoia again) in your download but since arduinos are used in fun projects not an issue.
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    True, but not much you can do with a hacked Arduino if that's the case. There would be better opportunity with hacking a Raspberry Pi. But I think this is a big step up for the Chrome OS.
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