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Medical Are Cell Phones Causing Your Sperm Count to Drop?

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    Researchers have found that cell phone signals can alter four essential features of fertile, grade A sperm: 1. Mobility -- How well they move; 2. Viability -- How tough they are; 3. Sperm count -- How many there are; 4. Morphology -- Proper composition.

    In men who use cell phones, multiple studies have shown that at least one, and sometimes all four of these categories were impaired compared with the sperm of men not using cell phones at all, and the groups that clocked more hours on the phone had correspondingly worse results.

    What's causing the damage? Theories vary. Many researchers suspect radio frequency (RF) energy, a form of electromagnetic (EM) energy necessary for making a call. EM waves are a common part of modern life and include technologies from radios to X-ray machines. The higher the EM energy emitted, though, the more damaging it can be. While cell phone RFs are considered low energy, young sperm cells are fragile and easily damaged, and thus may be sensitive to even low energy waves. Another possibility is that cell phone use impairs the brain's regulation of the hormones that control sperm production.


    Does this make sense or is it nonsense?
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    That's a terribly written article. Yes, there have been studies that show a statistical association, but there is no known mechanism that could cause it: the speculations made in the article are just flat wrong and they don't cite their sources. It all sounds like idle speculation out of the author's head and he gets a lot of science wrong (such as the explanation of the EM spectrum).

    What is more likely is that other factors not controlled for affected the results. Ie, higher cell phone use may be indicative of a higher stress job, which is a strong risk factor for low fertility.
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    stress contributes, but it may be more than simply stress.

    assuming there were cause and effect, i think it'd be this. there was a study showing that cell phone use caused alteration in brain wave patterns.


    sleep deprivation affects testosterone levels and normal sleep is needed for normal secretion.

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    I'm curious if the speaker was active during those experiments.
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    i don't have access to the full article, but it says thermally-insulated and silent.

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