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Are cognition levels and mathematical operations linked ?

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    Let consider this small example...I find it interesting, but I think it does not in fact tell anything about reality :

    You are in presence of somebody, and another one enters the scene :

    Operation "times" :

    a) subjectively (as seen from you), the number of person is for you : x 2 : 1 interlocutor->2 interlocutors
    b) objectively (as seen outside of the 3 actors), the number of people is just : x3/2=x1.5

    --->"times" is depending on the cognition level

    Operation "plus"

    a) subjectively : interolucutors +1
    b) objectively : actors +1

    ----->"plus" does not depend on the cognition level....

    Do you find this anyhow interesting ? Is there such a discrepancy for physical system operations...? I couldn't find something like that at first view...
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    You need to get out more often.
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    ?? of reality ?? You know it's quite cold...
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    Interesting and way beyond me. Maybe you should explain yourself a little more.
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