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The Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) is a joint component command of the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) and is charged to study special operations requirements and techniques to ensure interoperability and equipment standardization; to plan and conduct special operations exercises and training; to develop joint special operations tactics; and to execute special operations missions worldwide. It was established in 1980 on recommendation of Colonel Charlie Beckwith, in the aftermath of the failure of Operation Eagle Claw. It is located at Pope Field (Fort Bragg, North Carolina).

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  1. berkeman

    The role of Robot Dogs and Drones in Search and Rescue operations

    This was a great use of technology last week when a large parking garage collapsed in New York City, and it was too dangerous to send in FireFighters to search for injured and trapped people. FDNY has used Drones for a while now, and has a new Robot Dog that is able to navigate pretty difficult...
  2. J

    Two vector operations and simple expressions

    TL;DR Summary: My problems comes to a vector expression which needs to be simplified I got an expression pi=εijksk,lul,j Here s and u are two vectors. What will be the vector expression of this vector p with curl s, curl u, and other operations?
  3. P

    I Group like operations that are not associative

    A group can be defined by the following three properties. (Source: wikipedia) Is there any example of an operation that fails the associativity test, but meets the other two tests? I'll refer to this hypothetical entity as an almost-group for the purposes of this post lacking any knowledge...
  4. Fady Megally

    I Second derivative, chain rules and order of operations

    So the chain rule for second derivatives is $$ \frac {d^2 y} {d t^2} = \frac{d}{dx}(\frac {dy} {dx}) \cdot \frac {dx} {dt} \cdot \frac {dx} {dt} + \frac {dy} {dx} \cdot \frac {d^2 x} {d t^2} = \frac{d^2 y}{d x^2} \cdot (\frac {dx} {dt})^2 + \frac {dy} {dx} \cdot \frac {d^2 x} {d t^2}$$ Today I...
  5. alan123hk

    B Algebraic Operations on Energy-Momentum Relationships

    This is just basic algebra for the energy-momentum relationship, but the calculations confuse me. May I ask what is wrong with my concept or calculation causing the following problem. Maybe it's because I'm getting older, my ability to think and calculate has declined...
  6. shivajikobardan

    MHB What is the role of GFS master during read and write operations?

    I am really confused by this question as there are multiple possible answers of this question, so I am asking this. There is very minimum role of GFS master in writing and reading operations.. You can either go through these or just tell me what is the correct answer if you are bored to go...
  7. shivajikobardan

    Comp Sci What is the role of GFS master during read and write operations?

    I am really confused by this question as there are multiple possible answers of this question, so I am asking this. There is very minimum role of GFS master in writing and reading operations.. You can either go through these or just tell me what is the correct answer if you are bored to go...
  8. C

    I Factoring Matrices with Elementary Row Operations

    Dear Everybody, I have some trouble with this problem: Finding a sequence of elementary matrix for this matrix A. Let ##A=\begin{bmatrix} 4 & -1 \\ 3& -1\end{bmatrix}##. I first used the ##\frac{1}{4}R1##-> ##R1##. So the ##E_1=\begin{bmatrix} \frac{1}{4} & 0 \\ 0& 1\end{bmatrix}##. So the...
  9. D

    I Are Functions Really Equal? Investigating the Criteria for Function Equality

    For example: h(x)=f(x)+g(x) If f(x) and g(x) are real numbers and real numbers can be added, subtracted, multiplied and divided (except by 0). why do we insist that the x in f(x) and g(x) be {x: x∈ dom f ∩ dom g}? My thoughts: The equality of two functions requires two criteria: 1) They operate...
  10. Santiago24

    I Two ways to define operations in a vector space

    Hi PF, I've one question about vector spaces. There is only one way to define the operations of a vector space? For example if V is a vector space there is other way to define their operations like scalar multiplication or the sums of their elements and that the result is also a vector space?
  11. M

    C/C++ How to Implement Polynomial Operations in C++?

    Hey! :giggle: I am looking at the following: a) Create a class QuadraticPolyonym that describes a polynomial of second degree, i.e. of the form $P(x)=ax^2+bx+c, a\neq 0$.The coefficients have to be givenas arguments at the construction ofan instance of the class. Implement a method...
  12. greg_rack

    Basic vector operations, using cross and dot product

    Hi guys, I am losing my mind over this passage... I cannot understand how to get from the first expression with the cross products to the second ##\dot{\textbf{r}}(\textbf{r}\cdot \textbf{r})-\textbf{r}(\textbf{r}\cdot\dot{\textbf{r}})##
  13. H

    Programs Difficult Decision: MS Operations Research or Software Development?

    I started a degree in MS operations research but now am having second thoughts. I took a class in statistics and optimization using linear algebra. But what I enjoy most is programming in python.I am also teaching myself c++. People say industrial engineer is more about analyzing data while...
  14. K

    Nabla operations, vector calculus problem

    Here is how my teacher solved this: I understand what the nabla operator does, ##∇\cdot\vec v## means that I am supposed to calculate ##\sum_{n=1}^3\frac {d\vec v} {dx_n}## where ##x_n## are cylindrical coordinates and ##\vec e_3 = \vec e_z##. I understand why ##∇\cdot\vec v = 0##, I would get...
  15. H

    Programs Is an MS in Operations research worth it?

    I am going to start doing this degree MS Operations research https://www.isye.gatech.edu/academics/masters/ms-operations-research/curriculum. But I am wondering if you can actually get a job with a degree in operations research, I been doing research and people say operations research is more...
  16. S

    MHB Logic of Set Operations: Proof

    Given: x\in A\cap B\leftrightarrow x\in A\wedge x\in B x\in A\cup B\leftrightarrow x\in A\vee x\in B x\in A-B\leftrightarrow x\in A\wedge x\notin B A=B\leftrightarrow(\forall x(x\in A\leftrightarrow x\in B)) Then prove using only the above and the laws of logic that: ™ (A\cup B)-(A\cap...
  17. A

    I Questions about Partial Differentiation Operations

    1) If we have two functions C(y, r) and I(y, r) can we write: ∂C/∂I×∂I/∂r=∂C/∂r ? Can we also write ∂I/∂C=1/(∂C/∂I) ?
  18. karush

    MHB Complete augmented by row operations

    $\left[ \begin{array}{rrrr|r} 1& -5& 4& 0&0\\ 0& 1& 0& 1&0\\ 0& 0& 3& 0&0\\ 0& 0& 0& 2&0 \end{array}\right] $ OK my first move on this is $r_3/3$ and $r_4/2$. $\left[ \begin{array}{rrrr|r} 1& -5& 4& 0&0\\ 0& 1& 0& 1&0\\ 0& 0& 1& 0&0\\ 0& 0& 0& 1&0 \end{array}\right]$ $r_2-r_4=r_2\quad$ doesn't...
  19. sophiatev

    I Invariance of a system under symmetry operations

    I'm trying to understand the precise reason we claim that a value being conserved means that the system in question is invariant under the corresponding symmetry transformation. Take parity for example. If the parity operator satisfies the commutation relation ##[P, H] = 0## for a given...
  20. E

    Qubit Operations: Finding U Gates & Probabilities

    Part a: Gate H X Y Z S T R_x R_y Theta pi pi pi pi pi/2 pi/4 pi/2 pi/2 n_alpha (1/sqrt(2))*(1,0,1) (1,0,0) (0,1,0) (0,0,1) (0,0,1) (0,0,1) (1,0,0) (0,1,0) Using the info from the table and equation 1, I find: U_H=(i/sqrt(2))*[1,1;1,-1] U_X=i*[0,1;1,0] U_Y=i*[0,-i;i,0] U_Z=i*[1,0;0,-1]...
  21. zonde

    I Can we copy information using reversible operations?

    I am trying to investigate my doubts that reversible operations can model (or at least mimic) information copy process. For simple model I take two numbers ##A \neq B##. Now I can't copy value of A into B without erasing (irreversibly) value of B. However I can use transformation that replaces...
  22. Y

    MHB Operations on Sets: Proving A⊆B⊆C & A∪B=B∩C

    Dear all, I have two small questions regarding operations on sets. (1) Prove that \[A\subseteq B\subseteq C\] if and only if \[A\cup B=B\cap C\]. (2) What can you say about sets A and B if \[A\B = B\] ? In the case of (1), I have used a Venn diagram and I understand why it is true, but...
  23. W

    I Operations regarding tensor-product states

    I have a question on tensor-product states that I'd like to ask, thanks in advance! 1. The basis vector of a two-particle state can be written as ##|\mu_i \rangle |\nu_j \rangle## for orthonormal vectors ##|\mu_i \rangle, |\nu_j \rangle## spanning their single-particle Hilbert spaces. The inner...
  24. F

    B Missing Solutions and non-reversible operations

    How do we deal with missing solutions when we have to solve equations with non-reversible operations? You can always check the solutions to see if solutions are extraneous or not, but how do we know weather or not there are missing solutions to the problem?
  25. PainterGuy

    Interrupts, bus request operations

    Hi, Could you please help me with the queries below? Please have a look on this attachment. Question 1: It says, "Because the processor cannot know when an interrupt will occur, it automatically saves on the register stack status information about the program that is executing at the time...
  26. P

    I Confusion about index notation and operations of GR

    Hello, I am an undergrad currently trying to understand General Relativity. I am reading Sean Carroll's Spacetime and Geometry and I understand the physics (to a certain degree) but I am having trouble understanding the notation used as well as the ideas for tensors, dual vectors and the...
  27. A

    B Why is x2 . y2 not equal to (x-y) (x+y)?

    why x2 . y2 = (x-y) (x+y) and xy . y2 cannot be (x-y) (y+y)
  28. V

    Proving or disproving operations on sets

    Homework Statement Prove or disprove: if A⊆B∪C, then A⊆B or A⊆C. Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I am unsure of how to go about proving this. I know that A is a subset of B union C then A is a subset of B or A is a subset of C and I understand what a subset is and what a union is...
  29. FritoTaco

    Venn Diagram for set operations

    Homework Statement Hi, the problem states to draw a Venn Diagram for A\cap(B-C) Homework Equations (B - C) means include all elements in the set B that are not in C. Definition from my book: Let A and B be sets. The difference of A and B, denoted by A - B, is the set containing those...
  30. karush

    MHB 412.x4 Determine which of the folllowing operations are associative

    Determine which of the folllowing operations are Associative, Identity, or Inverse $\textit{Additive on $\mathbb{Z}$}$ $\textit{Subtraction on $\mathbb{N}$}$ $\textit{Division on $\mathbb{R}$}$ $\textit{Division on $\mathbb{Z}/\{0\}$}$ $\textit{Composition on $D_4$}$ $\textit{Composition on the...
  31. opus

    B Can elementary matrix operations change the solutions to a system of equations?

    To my understanding, a matrix is just a way of representing a system of equations in an organized format. So for example, if we have some system of equations, we can get them into standard form, and translate them into what's known as an augmented matrix. This is similar to using synthetic...
  32. binbagsss

    Other Operations research, stochastic dynamic programming, sources

    My lecture notes and recommended textbook Hillier and Liberman are not enough for me. My methodology and formulation of problems still seems like too much guess-work. Can anyone recommend any good resources, lecture notes or textbooks, for stochastic DP? Many thanks
  33. binbagsss

    Operations Research: Simplex table, unbound optimal solution

    Homework Statement Hi I am looking at this question attached part c). 2. Homework Equations The Attempt at a SolutionI can by my notes which tell me that if I reach a column with a negative reduced cost and also all of that column is negative, then to stop, as z is unbounded, to conclude...
  34. M

    I Coherent operations on Jacobian matrices

    Is there a notion of “coherent” operations on Jacobian matrices? By this I mean, an operation on a Jacobian matrix A that yields a new matrix A' that is itself a Jacobian matrix of some (other) system of functions. You can ascertain whether A' is coherent by integrating its partials of one...
  35. M

    MHB Calculation of the inverse matrix - Number of operations

    Hey! :o Let A be a regular ($n\times n$)-Matrix, for which the Gauss algorithm is possible. If we choose as the right side $b$ the unit vectors $$e^{(1)}=(1, 0, \ldots , 0)^T, \ldots , e^{(n)}=(0, \ldots , 0, 1 )^T$$ and calculate the corresponding solutions $x^{(1)}, \ldots , x^{(n)}$ then...
  36. J

    Microprocessor Question -- ALU operations

    Homework Statement [/B]Homework Equations Division by two means moving the bits right by 1 unit. 2's complement = 1's complement + 1 The Attempt at a Solution For Question: 6 Number is 11010110 This is 2's complement. So to find original number we subtract by 1 and get: 11010101 Now we do 1's...
  37. S

    I Consequences on a system of ODEs after performing operations

    Hi, I have derived a matrix from a system of ODE, and the matrix looked pretty bad at first. Then recently, I tried the Gauss elimination, followed by the exponential application on the matrix (e^[A]) and after another Gauss elimination, it turned "down" to the Identity matrix. This is awfully...
  38. evinda

    MHB Fast Exponentiation: Time Complexity and Number of Bit Operations

    Hello! (Wave) It is stated in my notes that the calculation of $a^{n-1} \pmod{n}$ by fast exponentiation takes $O(\log{n})$ arithmetic operations and $O((\log{n})^3)$ bit operations.By using fast exponentiation, in order to calculate $a^{n-1} \pmod{n}$ we write $n-1$ as $n-1=n_0+2 n_1+ \dots+...
  39. Thinkaholic

    B Does anybody write any operations differently?

    For example, Richard Feynman used his own symbols for trigonometric functions and their inverses. I write logarithms differently. I make a symbol which is like a radical, but instead of a √-shape at the end, it is the Greek letter lambda (λ). Under the radical shape is the argument, and below...
  40. fresh_42

    Insights Why do we need Hermitian generators for observables in quantum mechanics?

    fresh_42 submitted a new PF Insights post How to Tell Operations, Operators, Functionals and Representations Apart Continue reading the Original PF Insights Post.
  41. O

    Courses Linear Algebra vs Deterministic Operations Research for CS

    Hey all, I'm currently working on my CS degree with a mathematics minor. After this Fall, I will only have one more course to take to finish my minor. I'm debating between Linear Algebra and Deterministic Operations Research. I do have other options, but these seem to be most applicable to CS...
  42. Mr Real

    I Intuition behind elementary operations on matrices

    For finding the inverse of a matrix A, we convert the expression A = I A (where I is identity matrix), such that we get I = B A ( here B is inverse of matrix A) by employing elementary row or column operations. But why do these operations work? Why does changing elements of a complete row by...
  43. W

    Programs Interested in operations research, help choosing a major?

    I'm a high school junior trying to figure out what I may want to major in. I know that a lot of students change their majors, but I think I should at least have some idea, as it's relevant for deciding where to apply. One of my top choices is Cal Poly SLO, which requires applicants to declare...
  44. M

    Why are Move operations more efficient than Copy operations?

    Hey all, Posting once again. I'm only in my second class on programming ever (with no prior experience to classes). I'm learning about move/copy operations. My textbook says that the move operations is "obviously more efficient than the copy" operation, but it doesn't explain why. Is it more...
  45. Mr Davis 97

    I Convention of order of operations

    To what extent is the PEMDAS order of operations convention, and to what extent is this convention significant? For example, how would math change if we stipulated that ##1+2*3 = 3*3 = 9##? Would it be the same or would it be completely different?
  46. mountains

    B Are there really 4 fundamental math operations?

    It's strange to me that multiplication and division are considered fundamental operations. It makes sense for me that addition is a fundamental operation but multiplication is just like a function or algorithm that takes several numbers and apply additions. This is true even for multiplication...
  47. G

    Physics Special Operations Officer transitioning out

    Hey all, I majored in Physics with a solid GPA as an undergrad and then I joined the Navy as an officer and spent all of my time in Special Operations with significant combat leadership experience. During my time in I also earned a masters in Physics from the Naval Postgraduate School where I...
  48. W

    Show: Elementary row operations don't affect solution sets

    Homework Statement Show that elementary row operations don't affect solutions sets in linear systems Homework Equations - The Attempt at a Solution It's pretty easy to come up with a random linear system and perform ERO on them and showing that solutions are not affected, but is there all...
  49. R

    MHB Order Of Ops: 6-1x0+2÷2=7: Debunking the Myth

    6 - 1 × 0 + 2 ÷ 2 = Hi :) I was hoping someone could explain this equation? Using PEMDAS the answer came to 5 for me but I have been told the correct answer is 7? Why is this?