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The Somerset Levels are a coastal plain and wetland area of Somerset, England, running south from the Mendips to the Blackdown Hills.
The Somerset Levels have an area of about 160,000 acres (650 km2) and are bisected by the Polden Hills; the areas to the south are drained by the River Parrett, and the areas to the north by the rivers Axe and Brue. The Mendip Hills separate the Somerset Levels from the North Somerset Levels. The Somerset Levels consist of marine clay "levels" along the coast and inland peat-based "moors"; agriculturally, about 70 per cent is used as grassland and the rest is arable. Willow and teazel are grown commercially and peat is extracted.
A Palaeolithic flint tool found in West Sedgemoor is the earliest indication of human presence in the area. The Neolithic people exploited the reed swamps for their natural resources and started to construct wooden trackways, including the world's oldest known timber trackway, the Post Track, dating from about 3800 BC. The Levels were the location of the Glastonbury Lake Village as well as two Lake villages at Meare Lake. Several settlements and hill forts were built on the natural "islands" of slightly raised land, including Brent Knoll and Glastonbury. In the Roman period sea salt was extracted and a string of settlements were set up along the Polden Hills. The discovery at Shapwick of 9,238 silver Roman coins, known as the Shapwick Hoard, was the second-largest ever found from the time of the Roman Empire. A number of Saxon charters document the incorporation of areas of moor in estates. In 1685, the Battle of Sedgemoor was fought in the Bussex area of Westonzoyland at the conclusion of the Monmouth Rebellion.
As a result of the wetland nature of the Levels, the area contains a rich biodiversity of national and international importance. It supports a vast variety of plant and bird species and is an important feeding ground for birds and includes 32 Sites of Special Scientific Interest, of which 12 are also Special Protection Areas. The area has been extensively studied for its biodiversity and heritage, and has a growing tourism industry.
People have been draining the area since before Domesday Book. In the Middle Ages, the monasteries of Glastonbury, Athelney and Muchelney were responsible for much of the drainage. The artificial Huntspill River was constructed during the Second World War as a reservoir, although it also serves as a drainage channel. The Sowy River between the River Parrett and King's Sedgemoor Drain was completed in 1972; water levels are managed by the Levels internal drainage boards. During 2009 and 2010 proposals to build a series of electricity pylons by one of two routes between Hinkley Point and Avonmouth, to transmit electricity from the proposed Hinkley Point C nuclear power station, attracted local opposition. Discussions have taken place concerning the possibility of obtaining World Heritage Site status for the Somerset Levels as a "cultural landscape". It was suggested that if this bid were successful it could improve flood control, but only if wetland fens were created again; the plans were abandoned in 2010.

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  1. J

    I Measurement of heat as an interval measurement or a ratio measurement

    Hello! I am new to this forum and I'm not even sure if this is the right place to ask but here goes: I am studying Research Methods. I got to the part where the teacher is teaching us about levels of measurement. They said that there are a few levels but the two that are significant to my...
  2. H

    Suggestion (What) Level are you / is the question

    It seems somewhat common that a poster marks the level of their thread "I" or "A" but their knowledge of the relevant subject is lower than what's needed to understand the selected level. Setting aside feasibility with the forums architecture, what do people think about language that would make...
  3. mktsgm

    Normally insulin levels are not measured in type-2 diabetes. Why?

    Type-2 diabetes patients generally display higher levels of glucose circulating in their blood. While type-1 is considered a lack of insulin disease, in type-2 it is considered that insulin may be present, but it is not working properly. It is called Insulin-resistance. Most of the drugs for...
  4. A

    B How long does it take to reach harmful CO2 levels in a room?

    • I exhale 1 kg of CO2 per 24 hours = 41.67g/h (average) • Co2 indoors after ventilation = outdoors = 400 ppm (world average) • Co2 indoors threshold = 1000 ppm (cognitive effect) • Room volume = 32.5 m3 • Details to neglect: window and door closed tight, no HVAC system or other ventilation...
  5. P

    A system of independent particles (energy levels)

    Hi guys, Can you give me some feedback on whether my calculation is correct? I applied the formula below (Boltzmann Distribution) but I didn‘t know what to use for the variable z. I don‘t even know if I used the correct equation. Can you help me further? The task is: Consider a system of...
  6. A

    Calculus Calculus book between Stewart & Spivak levels

    Hi, Are there calculus books that lie between Stewart (or Thomas) level and Spivak (Courant/Apostol) level? Thanks.
  7. abrogard

    B Atomic Energy Levels: Simplified Explanations for the Curious

    I find this very interesting. But it is above my head. Is there a simpler explanation/volume perhaps that I could get, consult? https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/earth-and-planetary-sciences/atomic-energy-levels
  8. B

    A Energy levels shifts in a time-varying electric field

    Hello! I have 2 levels of the same parity with energies ##E_1 < E_2##, and another level of opposite parity a distance ##E## from the ##E_2##. I also have that ##E_2 - E_1 << E##. I have a laser on resonance (I am trying to scan along the resonance and find it) with the transition from ##E_2##...
  9. M

    I Energy levels of atoms and spectroscopic analysis

    Hello ! My question is how the energy levels and sublevels that atoms are considered to have were obtained, and if these energy levels and sublevels were obtained as a result of the different spectroscopic analyzes of energy emission and absorption of atoms, or as it was concluded that atoms...
  10. B

    A Time dependent perturbation theory applied to energy levels

    Hello! I am reading this paper and in deriving equations 6/7 and 11/12 they claim to use second oder time dependent perturbation theory (TDPT) in order to get the correction to the energy levels. Can someone point me towards some reading about that? In the QM textbooks I used, for TDPT they just...
  11. B

    A Trying to reproduce the energy levels of a molecule from a paper

    Hello! This is quite a specific question, so if anyone knows the details I would really appreciate your help (@Twigg ?). I am trying to reproduce figure 1 from this paper (it's for the PV experiment performed on BaF). While I am getting quite close to it, the levels don't fully match (I am...
  12. P

    What levels result from a 4F term

    Hi everyone! I can't solve a problem. It is about the following task. How exactly should I proceed here? Task A): What levels result from a 4F term? How many states are there at each level? I tried many ways but none of them helped me to solve this problem. However, I have some basic ideas...
  13. guyvsdcsniper

    Vibrational Levels in Molecular Electronic State

    ##K = \frac{N}{m} = \frac{3eV}{bondlength^2} = \frac{4.806*10^-19 J}{(2*10^-10)^2} = 12.015## Then I know that ##H = \frac{1}{2}mωx^2 ## where ## k = mω^2 ## and also ##H=ħω(n+\frac{1}{2}) ## Therefore, ## \frac{1}{2}kx^2 = ħω(n+\frac{1}{2})## Solving for n, ## n = \frac{1/2kx^2}{ħω} -...
  14. PainterGuy

    For embedded systems, the highest performance levels are not always needed....

    Hi, I need to clarify few points about the text quoted below. I'd appreciate it if you could help me with the queries. Source: Computer Applications to Library By Kole Lambert, Page #169 Question 1: It says, "For embedded systems, the highest performance levels are often not needed or...
  15. A

    Interpreting logic levels for level translator SN54SLC8T245-SEP

    Hello all, I plan on using SN54SLC8T245-SEP for level shifting of single-ended signals from 1.5 V to 1.8 V, 1.5V to 3.3 V, 1.8 V to 1.5V and 3.3V to 1.5V. First time using level translators for mostly SPI interfaces, so I would like some guidance. I am having difficulties interpreting the logic...
  16. nomadreid

    Molecular covalent bonds across energy levels

    I am sure this is an elementary question; I'm just trying to clarify some points that were poorly explained to me years ago in secondary school. I know that a full answer would involve solving Schrödinger's equation etc., but keeping this on the level of valence electrons,...) I was confused by...
  17. L

    Hazard levels for pressure vessels with internal bladders

    Hi , I am based in Australia and my question originates from some grey areas in the Australian system of classifying pressure vessels. I am guessing most users on this forum are US based . Does the US have a system for classifying pressure vessels such as air receivers , boilers, autoclaves...
  18. M

    Partition Function for system with 3 energy levels

    I determined the partition function of the particle A, B and C. C should be the same as B. I then considered the situation, where all particles are in the system at the same time, and drew a diagram of all possible arrangements: The grey boxes are the different partitions, given that we...
  19. Sunny Singh

    I Understanding Landau Levels for 3D Fermionic Gas in Magnetic Field

    I am a beginning graduate student and I've been assigned a paper which uses landau levels for 3d fermionic gas in uniform background magnetic field. I am having trouble finding a proper source which deals with solution of dirac equation in such a case. With the two papers that i have found which...
  20. S

    MHB A-level Mechanics Q3: Need Help w/Calculations

    It's question 3. Iam getting a bit confused with the calculations. Pls help
  21. G

    I Pirani Gauge-Saturation Levels

    Dear community. Recently I performed an experiment using Pirani Gauges and different gasses. When I use helium for pressures greater than 10 Pascal (Using Krammerer Gauge) the pressure of the Pirani gauge becomes great and saturates at a certain value. Why this is the case. Thank you in advance
  22. ktmsud

    I Continuous Spectrum and Energy levels of Electrons (Energy Bands)

    My book says that emission spectra are produced when an electron in excited state jump from excited to lower energy states. It also states that solids and liquids produce continuous spectra and it depends upon temperature only (is this black body radiation?). I know, Electrons around a nucleus...
  23. PainterGuy

    Signals with the same frequency spectrums but different power levels

    Hi, I understand that if there are two signals whose spectrums consist of different set of frequencies, they can be separated using a filter such as bandpass filter on the receiver end. Is it possible to separate two signals who frequency spectrums are the same but power levels are different?
  24. J

    B Radiation Levels at Earth's Poles

    Given that the magnetosphere plays a major role in protecting life here on Earth, how hazardous is the incoming space radiation at the poles? Here I mean at ground level, as opposed to being in an airplane. I'm thinking especially about solar flares, coronal mass ejections, and the like, but...
  25. M

    Historic CO2 levels, climate change

    Not trolling here, just have genuine confusion over CO2 levels comparied to what we believe CO2 levels have been historically and their effect on climate change. I recently saw some Facebook group infographic posts which claimed that CO2 concentration in the atmosphere is the lowest it has ever...
  26. K

    I How to measure a 10 Hz energy splitting of two energy levels

    Hello! If I have 2 energy levels split by something of the order of 10 Hz (they can be connected by an electric dipole moment i.e. ##\Delta J = 0## and they have different parities), what would be the best way to measure this difference (even 10% error would be good, but the lower the error the...
  27. cemtu

    I Exploring Ionised Atoms, Free Electrons & Energy Levels

    Homework Statement:: Ionised atom, free electron, conduction band, donor energy level and acceptor energy level Relevant Equations:: None I have some confusion about the concept of some electronic bands and energy levels. Beyond valance band, in a solid crystal lattice, For an atom, can...
  28. E

    I Is the change in energy due to light-shift the same in all levels?

    Remind me please? In a three level system, with discrete energies E0,E1,E2: would light-shift (Stark shift), applied due to an external electric field, change the values of E1 and E2 by the same \Delta E? Or would \Delta E1 be different from \Delta E2?
  29. R

    I Photon Emitted without Changing Energy Levels

    In Example 41.5, they are implying that, for a hydrogen atom, if the orbital quantum number ##l## goes down the electron will lose energy. However, they said nothing about the principal quantum number ##n## going down, so there should be no loss in energy. As far as this book has presented, the...
  30. Helena Wells

    I Energy of donor or acceptor levels in semiconductors

    How can we calculate the energy of a hole or an electron in p and n type semiconductors? Which are the contributions from different sources we must take into account? I know it is the dopant and base but if we change one of them how that changes it ? Maybe the interatomic distance has...
  31. docnet

    Calculate the Energy Levels of an Electron in a Finite Potential Well

    Thank you for reading :bow: Section 1 To find the energy states of the particle, we define the wave function over three discrete domains defined by the sets ##\left\{x<-L\right\}##, ##\left\{-L<x<L\right\}##, and ##\left\{L<x\right\}##. The time independent Schrodinder equation is...
  32. hyperiontorus

    Levels of Civilization Based on Deuterium

    Summary:: Similar to the Kardashev Scale, create a means for forming a hierarchy of civilization based on deuterium access. I'm interested in the fusion process using deuterium, and I've noted that it remains (to this day) the greatest source of energy of any reactions. Because of this reason...
  33. jim mcnamara

    Far IR emitting fabrics increase transcutaneous oxygen levels

    "Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing the Effects of Far-Infrared Emitting Ceramic Fabric Shirts and Control Polyester Shirts on Transcutaneous PO2" K Washington et al 2018 Apr 10. doi: 10.4172/2165-8064.1000349 J Text Sci Eng. 2018; 8(2): 349. This study affirmed the fabric's effect -...
  34. berkeman

    COVID What are the Correlations Between Vaccine Side Effects & Antibody Levels?

    (Sorry if this has already been addressed in one of the other COVID-19 threads. If it has, I can delete my question or merge it into the other thread. Thanks.) I work part-time in EMS, so I was in tier 1A for public vaccinations for COVID-19 here in Northern California. I got my first...
  35. T

    What materials produce higher levels of static electricity?

    A lot of people know the example of a carpet and a doorknob. You accidentally rub your foot to the carpet and then get a static shock after touching the doorknob. Why does carpet produce higher static electricity than for example hardwood or something. Is it because of the hairs? Is it because...
  36. sahilmm15

    Other Maintaining psychological energy levels

    Many of you would have heard about physical energy levels. Like maintaining the physical energy throughout the day so that you do not get tired. People recommend exercising, meditating etc etc. But I found out that my mental energy drains at a very rapid rate. I wake up with full energy but...
  37. jim mcnamara

    COVID Vitamin D levels and Covid-19

    https://www.nutraingredients.com/Article/2020/12/21/Experts-send-Vitamin-D-and-Covid-19-open-letter-to-world-s-governments [tl;dr[] : Change suggestions of Vitamin D supplementation in the UK - higher - the health officialdom just came down hard against Vitamin D supplementation increases of...
  38. AN630078

    Thought experiment: How would ocean levels change?

    I am not too sure how to approach this, initially I thought it may be more of a calculus and related rates of change problem, i.e. finding an expression how the volume and height of water change with respect fo time. I do not know whether this is the right idea or how to progress any further...
  39. T

    I Quantum numbers for energy levels

    Hello Can some one explain how you work out the combinations of quantum numbers for infinite wells in higher dimensions? For example if i have an energy level $$E_4$$ In a 2D well, then for quantum numbers does this mean the combinations allowed must be: $$4^2 + 1^2$$ $$1^2 + 4^2$$ So then...
  40. bob012345

    I Probability and Energy Levels

    Given a particle in a 1D box with a finite number of states ##m##, is the probability a particle is in a certain state ##n## equal to the energy of that state divided by the sum of energies of all states? In other words, given $$ E_n = \dfrac{n^{2}h^{2}}{8mL^{2}}$$ is $$P_n=...
  41. S

    B Question about energy needed by electron to change energy levels

    Electron can move from lower energy level to higher energy level when it absorbs energy equal to the difference between the energy levels based on equation: ##hf = \Delta E## If the incident photon has lower energy compared to ##\Delta E##, then electron won't move to higher energy level. But...
  42. T

    Why Are Allowed Energy Levels Odd at ##x=0##?

    I know that there is a boundary condition at ##x=0## where the wave function becomes zero however why are the allowed energy levels odd i.e. ##n=1, 3, 5 ..##
  43. J

    Understanding radioactivity levels of different isotopes

    Homework Statement:: Understanding radioactivity levels of different isotopes Relevant Equations:: None Hi, This isn't a homework problem but is an introductory question. Could someone explains what makes one isotope more radioactive than another isotope assuming you have the same amount of...
  44. AN630078

    Hydrogen Emission Spectrum and Electron Energy Levels

    1. The 4th line from the left, being the aqua blue line, corresponds to a wavelength of 486 nm, as blue light has a wavelength in the range 450-495 nm. 2. This is where I am having the most difficulty, I have tried to answer the question comprehensively but I am not satisfied with my answer. In...
  45. L

    B Basic Question: What are energy levels, of photons, for example?

    I often read of photons manifesting different levels of energy. I know that energy increases as wavelength decreases and frequency increases. Are there other ways particles gain or lose energy? As water boils heat energy is transferred to the water causing water molecules to move faster and to...
  46. StefanBoon

    Is it possible to have water levels at different heights without a pump?

    I wonder if air can remain trapped under a structure that has a deep and a shallow tube. I have already tested with a prototype whether increasing volume in the shallower tube works. Air bubbles came out on the short side, so this doesn't work. Is there any way to realize this concept.
  47. S

    Calculating degeneracy of the energy levels of a 2D harmonic oscillator

    Too dim for this kind of combinatorics. Could anyone refer me to/ explain a general way of approaching these without having to think :D. Thanks.
  48. Wrichik Basu

    Medical Do statins permanently reduce LDL levels in blood?

    Statins are often prescribed by doctors to people who have a high level of LDL in their blood. I have also read that statins help in boosting HDL to some extent, but that is not of interest in this thread. Consider the case where a person has been prescribed statin by a doctor. After two...
  49. jim mcnamara

    COVID Another idea on Covid-19 fatalities, Vitamin K serum levels

    Please read this first -- Popular link: https://www.theguardian.com/science/2020/jun/05/vitamin-k-could-help-fight-coronavirus-study-suggests It does not list the original paper. It seems to me to be...