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Are Einsteins field equations too complicated?

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    Or is my brain to small ?
    Personally i don't like the field equations, because they are complicated. Richard Feynmann would say to this, if you don't like it go to another universe where the laws of nature are much simpler. But then again on sub-atomic level symmetry was a good guide ... e.g. hellman ... can someone comment... E.g. field equations in a planair world, a spherical world , a cilindrical world ?
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    Physics doesn't care about being liked or not. It cares about being right.
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    And oddly, many people lead perfectly happy lives without understanding Einstein's field equations. Some of these people even have a Ph.D. in physics :wink:
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    Hey Alain De Vos.

    It might help you if you take a look at this:


    It's a brilliant exposition by John Baez and I recommend you read it.
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    Complicated compared to what?
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