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Are fundermental particles failed universes?

  1. Mar 19, 2013 #1
    I was watching a couple of episodes of through the wormhole and it was going on about how black holes can behave like giant particles. also about string theory and how particles are strings that have 11 dimensions. So one can supose that the universe is a string/particle where three of its deminsions became huge. So my question is could it be possible that all quarqs, leptons and messeons are universes that didnt form gigantic dimensions. could they be failed universes?
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    to our current understanding nothing suggests that, in fact these tv shows are not for education rather misleading because they focus on presenting things that sound "cool" just like modern day singers and rappers write lyrics that just sound "cool" rather than with some meaning behind them.

    I would suggest reading up on basic physics and understanding it , atleast the part of physics that has been proven and verified throughout the years and then you will be better of not only understanding but dealing with the misconceptions and some false ideas.
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    Crazymechanic is not crazy on this one. Those programs are regularly and severely denigrated on this forum as being full of absolute crap. They are for entertainment, not education. You should NOT expect to learn any science from them, just get misinformed.
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    Aint that the truth!!!

    over and over again I have been disappointed by the quality ( or lack thereof) of many of these recent science prog's on astronomy etc.
    So often I just sit there listening to what is being said and saing to myself ..." that is just plain wrong!!"

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    Well media even the internet is business these days , in business all means are good as long as they get you the desired income... $$$

    A quote from V.I.Lenin comes to mind when he said that ordinary people don't need nothing more than cinema and circus.I guess that just how the major channels treat basic public these days.But when you add cool looking imagines and computer graphics to the messed up narrative it looks all nice and shiny.
    To the majority vision is key.
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    And I think that is a good place to end this topic.
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