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News Are South American/Central American countries pro/anti emigration?

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    So I found this article pretty interesting. Do those countries want to encourage emigration (especially illegal emigration) to US/Canada/Europe or do they want to discourage it? I'd imagine that those countries desire to retain intellectual talent - so I'd think that they would want to discourage intellectual emigration (unless the intellectuals were perceived as abnormally likely to oppose the country's regime). Illegal emigrants tends to come from the poorer classes though, so would those countries perceive it as a way to reduce their problems related to those on the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder?
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    If the leaders of the Latin American countries were bright enough to worry about losing their best and brightest, their countries wouldn't be poor.
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    Something's fishy or Venezuela's president is a real retard.
    I don't know why someone would even support something, openly, that is illegal.
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    That and the potential for these people to send money home to their families in the home countries.

    Same reason that Vicente Fox was supportive of illegal immigration of Mexicans into the US and strongly denounced any US plans to strengthen border security/fences - the economic benefit.
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    I remember Mexico's president a while back supporting the illegal immigrants who were protesting down south. What an idiot. What kind of leader tells his people to get out of the country?
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    Last I heard money sent by immigrants(legal or otherwise) to their families in mexico from the US was actually a significant portion of their economy. I have no idea if that is the same anywhere else though.
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