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Are space and time really quantized?

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    Quantum Theory perhaps isn't really quantic, as It seems to me there is an underlying continuity.

    There are even some reasons to suppose that in Planck scale we will not see the discontinuity most of us expect. Professor's Craig Hogan superinterferometer is opperating in Fermilab; soon we will have news about his findings. It's possible, may be, the repetition of something alike the experiments of Michelson and Morley, that resulted in Relativity.

    In Schrödinger's equation integers are emergent quantities; a metaphor is what occurs with a piano string, it's continuous but generates discrete frequencies.

    What we call particles are just spacially confined waves in continuous unconfined fields, arent't they?
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    You seem to have a wrong impression about what "most of us" think!
    Its not a very popular idea that space-time is fundamentally discrete.
    Also you may want to read this!
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