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Are there any book can serve as the companion book to Peskin's QFT?

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    Hi, guys. I will start learning Peskin's QFT from the coming fall semester. I plan to spend 2 years for studying in order to strike a thorough understanding of QFT.

    Peskin's QFT book in general is a good one, but it focus on calculation techniques; thus, I think I need a companion book which stresses on the motivation of derivation, physical insight, and conceptual approach. Many people recommend me "Quantum Field Theory in a Nutshell" by A. Zee (Tony. Zee), but I am a bit worried about the organization of this pretty good stuff (It directly flipps into path integral quantization, while Peskin's breaks in canionical quantization at first).

    Now I am hesitating in front of the following books (and should make a decision before fall semester):

    A Modern Introduction to Quantum Field Theory (by Michele Maggiore)
    Quantum Field Theory: A Modern Introduction (by Michio Kaku)
    Gauge Theories in Particle Physics (by Ian Johnston & Rhind Aitchison)
    Quantum Field Theory (by Lewis. H. Ryder)

    I think I can choose only one of them. Learn one subjest via too many textbooks can be annoyed. My way of learning is sticking to two complementary textbooks.

    Another big problem of me is that I have never taken a course like "elemetary particle physics". That means I have not read the material covered in David Griffiths' "Introduction to Elementary Particles" or Francis Halzen & Alan D. Martin's "Quarks and Leptons". I am not sure whether should I get one of which to go through it. My friends think it not that necessary to learn particle physics at first, since many people learn QFT well without any pre-knowledge on particle physics.

    Your advices would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Oh, I made a mistake...

    "Gauge Theories in Particle Physics" has been updated to 3rd edition and the authors have changed into "I.J.R. Aitchison, A.J.G. Hey"
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    Perhaps take a look at Zinn-Justin, his book is Quantum Field Theory and Critical Phenomena. I've always appreciated his style of writing.
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    Thank you very much, good man...

    Zinn-Justin's book, I think, should be a marvelous work. Very decent and elegant.

    But I think it is good for me only if I use it as my second time learning material. Actually I have not seriously learnt QFT before, so what I need currently is a book at "introductory" level...
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