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Are there some calculator programs like this out there?

  1. Dec 7, 2007 #1
    Hey everyone,

    I'm currently in a physics I class and I think one of the guys in my class has a fancy program in his calculator to calculate his work for him. He's a computer engineering student (still in pre-engineering) and always makes 100's on his multiple choice tests, but he doesn't know a hill of beans about physics. What is going on here? Are there any kinds of really good physics programs out there for a calculator? Our tests are really hard, so I'd assume that it's a super program!
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    Such programs will only help you with freshman-level plug-and-chug type problems anyway, so I wouldn't spend much time worrying about them. In later classes, your friend will probably discover he's in very deep trouble, after having basically cheated his way through freshman year and learned nothing.

    Furthermore, calculator programs can be (and probably are) a violation of your school's honor code, and could get him expelled. If you're concerned that the impact of his cheating on the grading system, you should tell your instructor. You don't have to name any names. He/she should change the testing policies to prohibit the use of calculators capable of "fancy programs."

    Either way, steer clear of these kinds of easy-way-out solutions. In the best case, they will stunt your education; in the worst case, they could get you expelled.

    - Warren
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