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A computer program is a collection of instructions that can be executed by a computer to perform a specific task.
A computer program is usually written by a computer programmer in a programming language. From the program in its human-readable form of source code, a compiler or assembler can derive machine code—a form consisting of instructions that the computer can directly execute. Alternatively, a computer program may be executed with the aid of an interpreter.
A collection of computer programs, libraries, and related data are referred to as software. Computer programs may be categorized along functional lines, such as application software and system software. The underlying method used for some calculation or manipulation is known as an algorithm.

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  1. D

    Bard the Google AI is just as silly as the other AI programs

    So I got an invite to try Bard, Google's AI machine. I asked it to list research papers by my PhD supervisor in the area we had worked on. It listed just five (clearly a very small subset) with none published after 1975. So I asked again but this time asked for papers after 1975. Again it...
  2. cwill53

    Quantum Workforce Elements, Toolbox for QIS Programs at Universities

    TL;DR Summary: Imagine you have infinite funds and cooperation to build a very ideal curriculum and student organization, both dedicated to quantum information science, at a university. What does this look like pedagogically? How would this be structured? What resources do students need access...
  3. C

    "TAing" meaning in PhD programs?

    Hi Everyone, Dose anybody please know what 'TAing' means in this context: 'In general for PhD programs, you should expect to be funded, possibly in exchange for TAing. You shouldn't expect to pay or to take out loans.' Many thanks!
  4. J

    Admissions Applying to PhD programs after a few years out of academia

    So I graduated in 2019 from a smaller state university with 2 honors BAs in physics and applied math. 3.83 GPA, all A's in my 400 level classes, few years of computational research and some independent honors projects, and I was involved with tutoring, TA'ing, led the SPS chapter, etc. Didn't do...
  5. decisivedove

    Admissions Should I apply to Physics PhD programs?

    Hi, I am a senior at a large research public university in the US (UC Davis). I really want to go to grad school but I am not sure if I should apply this year. I am only 19 years old (I graduated high school with an associates in physics) so this is only my second real year of college and I...
  6. Azerack

    Admissions Safety School Programs for a Physics PhD

    Hi, this is my first time using the Physics Forums so please let me know if this question belongs somewhere else. I'm a senior undergraduate at a mid-size institution in the United States seeking to purse a PhD in High Energy Theoretical physics or Quantum Information/Computing. I'm aware these...
  7. G

    Programs Evaluating Physics Master's Programs

    If you were to rank potential components of a Physics Master's program, which do you think are the most important for preparing you for a PhD: courses, research, project report, thesis? Also I've seen programs ranging in duration from as short as 9 months all the way up to 2 years. How much...
  8. Gamma

    Comparing Physics Programs at UofM and UMD

    My student needs to select either University of Michigan or UMD for his BS degree in Physics. His goal is to go to graduate school after that. His interests are in Nuclear Physics, in particular Fusion energy. He has a full ride to UMD which is also instate. If he were to go to UMI, he will only...
  9. user366312

    Admissions European PhD Application Rules: Incomplete Degree Programs from Poland

    I already have an MSc from outside the EU. But, I also have an incomplete CS degree from Poland which I dropped out of. European Ph.D. schools often ask for a CV, not "all the transcript from all the attended programs" as they ask in North America. Therefore, can I skip the information...
  10. Haorong Wu

    Programs Need advice about applying to Ph.D. programs

    Hello. I am currently in the second year of my master's program. My major is physics and my research area is high-dimensional entanglement in curved spacetime. During my studies, I developed a strong interest in quantum gravity (QG) and intend to pursue a Ph.D. in this field. I have a few...
  11. ergospherical

    Which Program Can Help Analyze Distances Between Features in Images?

    I have taken some photos (with my phone) of some optical phenomena in the lab. I'd quite like to analyse the distances between some features of the image. In school I remember using a piece of software which allowed you to choose an origin point / setup coordinate axes, select a scale (i.e. 1 cm...
  12. H

    Programs What are my chances at Physics PhD programs in the USA?

    I have a 3.29 in the major, research experience in my last year and should be published in the spring. Good recommendations… I’m so stressed…. Kicking myself is an understatement. I just want to get into a respected school, doesn’t have to be a top tier school obviously… just something respected...
  13. AryaKimiaghalam

    Programs What are some good graduate programs in the Physics of Complex Systems?

    Title says it all. I am interested in studying the physics complex systems and nonlinear physics, however i find it very hard to find a good program as it seems this area of study is not the most mainstream of them. I found out about Max Planck but still want to know if there are other strong...
  14. G

    Admissions (international) My chances of getting into top Astrophysics programs?

    Dear All. I am an international student who is planning to apply for the Ph.D. in astrophysics in the US in the coming application cycle. I am aiming for the top astrophysics school in the US. For the top, I mean CALTECH, Princeton, MIT, Columba, JHU, Cornell ... e.t.c. I would kindly ask for...
  15. max-hanrahan

    Programs List of terminal master's programs?

    Hello! I'm a rising senior in undergrad, and grad school's on my mind. I want to get a better feel for research but don't want to fully commit to a PhD, and so one of my professors recommend I look into grad programs with terminal master's degrees—that is, schools that offer a physics master's...
  16. AryaKimiaghalam

    Programs Top Medical Physics Programs in Texas and Florida

    Hi all, Hope you are all safe and doing well. I recently made a decision to potentially move to the states permanently. I am currently in my fourth year of undergraduate degree in physics at a Canadian university (3.82 cGPA, 3.96 in major) and interested in a career in medical physics. For this...
  17. C

    Admissions How good do recommendation letters for Master's programs have to be?

    Math major. You know math classes: lectures, problem sets, tests. If you interact with the prof., it's normally just in office hours unless you do research with them. I'm looking to get into master's programs. I have excellent grades, but I'm worried about rec letters since I never really got...
  18. octopus26

    Engineering Masters programs to work in aerospace/defense as an engineer

    Hello all, I am looking for some career advice. My current situation is that I am graduating with my bachelors in physics and chemistry in December of this year. My goal is to get a masters degree in a field that would enable me to work as an engineer at one of the aerospace/defense contractors...
  19. Arman777

    Can I Run My Code Online from a Distant Server Using Azure?

    I am trying to run a code from my computer but its qualities are kind of low. I am trying to run a heavy program and its taking about 40-50 min to solve it. Is there a some sort of a general program where I can upload some files and run the code online from a distant server ? Is there a such thing ?
  20. UFSJ

    Good programs to make graphs (complex systems) in linux

    Hi guys, my questions is simple and direct. I'm new in the study of complex systems and would like to know which programs are suggested to use to build a graphs, some thing as 1500 connected points. Thanks a lot!
  21. S

    Anyone know anything about John Patrick University's programs?

    I've recently taken interest in the field of dosimetry and came across JPU's hybrid (mostly online) program. Was curious if anyone got a degree from here and can give any feedback. TIA.
  22. J

    Schools Applied Physics MS Programs in New England

    I am looking for masters programs in applied physics / engineering physics in ideally New England but also just the northeast of the U.S.. I am trying to create a list of all the universities that offer the degree because it is not particularly common. In New England I only know of Northeastern...
  23. F

    Programs running inside a browser....

    Hello, I noticed that there are some programs that use the browser to run. For example, when launched, the program runs inside the browser as it it was our computer was a local server. I am familiar with the client/server model where a computer (client) communicates with a remote machine...
  24. M

    Programs Is there a difference between undergrad physics programs?

    My son is a high school senior applying to a mix of large public (two in-state and one out-of-state) universities, a couple mid-size selective private universities and one Ivy-league university. His intended major is physics (doesn't know what specialty although he visited Fermi Labs and is...
  25. V

    Good graduate programs (but not top universities) for physics?

    Hello... new here. Can anyone give me advice or some information on what universities they think are good for a graduate program in physics?
  26. Y

    What programs to learn for IT and web design?

    Just kind of want to find a hobby, from the trouble I got in being logged out of my computer and thanks the Sysprog for helping to resolve the problem. I am thinking about maybe I should learn more about computers. Mainly I just want to be not so helpless with computers, learning others are...
  27. fsonnichsen

    I Raytracing Programs: Find Under $1000 | Fritz

    Unfortunately my Zemax license has expired a few years back and I have a nominal amount of geometrical optics tracing I want to look at. I don't want to burden our small grant with a new license and the work I am doing isn't very sophisticated. Is anyone up to date on what is out there these...
  28. bagasme

    When All TV Programs are Rated on Teen

    Let's say that we have XYZ TV channel, which offers wide variety of programs; from cartoons for children to telenovelas to live sport coverage and news. However, the rating agency for TV programs and films (like ESRB for games) rated all such program on teen (suitable for age 13 and up). The...
  29. jamalkoiyess

    Programs Graduate Programs with late application deadlines

    Hello all, I did the classic mistake of overestimating my application and submitting only to some high profile universities (all above 150 on the QS physics [i know no the best indicator but I used it]). I got rejected from nearly all and I can't be hopeful that the rest won't follow similarly...
  30. Mondayman

    Schools Comparing Small & Large University Physics Programs for Graduate School Readiness

    Hi folks, I am considering two universities. My goal is to do well enough that I could get into graduate school for physics, most likely here in Canada. I have been unable to speak to an adviser, as my school's science adviser does not meet with students until they finish their second year. So...
  31. M

    Gmsh (meshing for cfd programs) keeps crashing

    Hi PF! Hello all I just downloaded gmsh on Linux 64 bit running Ubuntu 18.04. When I attempt to open a .stp file I created in salome, the program crashes, leaving a terminal output "segmentation fault (core dumped)". Any idea what is going on? The step file is...
  32. T

    Physics Find Biophysics Programs & Realistic Assessments of Admission Chances

    Hey y'all, I posted here a while back, but here goes. I'm looking for biophysics schools/labs with realistic assessments of how likely it is I'll get in. Also looking for forums to post to besides this one :) Summary: Senior undergraduate at UIUC, dual degree in Physics, CS + Math. 3.7 GPA...
  33. DaveC426913

    Windows equivalent of TSR? Getting Windows programs to interact

    I have a data entry program in Windows 10 that has no API to interface with it directly. I have a lot of data to enter manually, which is very slow. Assuming I can get that data into a digital form and store it in a .CSV file or clipboard, how can I write a utility app that will sit over top of...
  34. S

    Programs What Are the Outcomes of 2020 REU Applications?

    It might be little early now, but in the next few weeks decisions for REUs should be coming out. So I thought I’d make a thread about what REU offers that people are getting. What different programs are people waiting to hear back from? I personally applied to: U of Michigan (Non-CERN) Purdue...
  35. P

    Schools How would you rate UC Davis' and U.H. at Manoa's Cosmology programs?

    Not when compared to each other but compared to other programs in the country... Also, I'm looking for a comparison in terms of future career prospects in Astronomy and quality of PhDs produced... Thanks!
  36. Eagle9

    Advice Needed: 3D Programs for Biological Simulations

    Good day! I need your advice in computer graphics :smile: I have been studying and working in Autodesk 3ds Max for years, mainly for my pleasure. Now I want/need to study some new 3D program in CG, however not for just fun but for science. Particularly I need such program that enables showing...
  37. Floatzel98

    Programs European Master's Programs in Physics

    Hey everyone, So here in Australia things are a bit different to Europe (and the US). Here you would usually finish your honours year and then apply to a PhD. How I understand it is in Europe is it goes - BSc, Masters then PhD. I'm close to finishing my honours year (which includes a research...
  38. S

    Other Help finding GR and PER grad school programs?

    Hi Folks, I am finishing up my last year in undergrad (physics with a math minor) and am searching for potential grad schools. My areas of interest are pretty much exclusively in Gravitation (specially theoretical study of general relativity) and Physics Education Research, with a bit of...
  39. Apollo_3322

    Programs What programs can I apply to ?

    Greetings, I hope you're all having a nice day, I only recently created this account looking for some answers on an issue I've been having, however, upon going through some posts I realized that everyone has their own variations, which left me no choice but to consult the community directly. I...
  40. berkeman

    How to efficiently view the Start Programs menu in Win 10?

    Sigh. Yet another issue trying to get used to my new Windows 10 laptop. When I try to start a program, the traditional hierarchical view of the program categories and programs doesn't seem to be available. I only see a long alphabetical list so far, and an option to do a search. That's way...
  41. Pericles98

    Programs US Citizen Studying Abroad: Eligible for US REU Programs?

    Hi everyone. So, I've recently been checking out some REU programs in the US that I would like to apply for next year. I've noticed that some sources state that applications are open to all US citizens, while others say that applicants are required to be "US students". As a US citizen studying...
  42. astroman707

    Courses What undergrad topics do astronomy grad programs expect you to have taken?

    I was speaking with my prof about the requirements for the applied physics major track offered at my school, and she said some very surprising things. Just for context, I’m interested in pursuing observational astrophysics/astronomy in grad school later. She said that I can skip diff equations...
  43. S

    Admissions Applying to European PhD Programs with a US Masters

    I know this topic has been discussed a lot on this forum, but I had trouble finding an answer to my precise question. Current Understanding: I have read up on the differences between the US and European graduate systems. I understand US merges MS and PhD programs resulting in an average...
  44. AndresPB

    Programs Medical Physics Graduate Programs

    Good night to all, I would really appreciate if everyone could give me their opinions on: MS in Medical Physics in Duke University MS in Medical Physics in Columbia University MS in Medical Physics in Vanderbilt University MS in Medical Physics in Cleveland State University Ph.D in Radiological...
  45. Phylosopher

    Programs Graduate programs in Field Theory (PhD)

    Hello everyone,Upon my comment on the insight "Applying for Physics Graduate School - Comments", Mr. Bill (bhobba) suggested that I need to write an individual post regarding my inquiry. I am looking for physics graduate programs (PhD). My senior project/thesis was on classical field theory and...
  46. Krushnaraj Pandya

    Admissions Undergraduate programs in Canada

    Good day everyone, I'm an Indian student about to pass out from high school- The competition here is intense for the few truly good engineering colleges here so I'm looking for some guidance to studying in Canadian universities. I'd really appreciate your help- Thank you. a) I am expecting a...
  47. H

    Schools How to know the teaching quality in physics grad programs

    I am currently applying to physics graduate programs (considering both Master's and Ph.D.) in both Europe and North America. In choosing programs, I really care about teaching quality: emphasis on pedagogy, well-designed syllabi, and professors who are passionate about teaching. The QS World...
  48. prashantakerkar

    Recording and Playback Radio receiver programs

    What are the methods to record and Playback Radio programs tuned to FM frequencies ? Is there a way to interface the radio receiver with DVD player or Flash drive or any other media for recording and Playback ? Thanks & Regards, Prashant S Akerkar
  49. S

    Admissions Applying to physics PhD programs with a non-traditional background

    Dear all , I'm interested in applying for PhD programs in physics this summer. I'm mostly interested in high energy theory. There are two things that concerns me : 1- I didn't take any physics / math course during my undergraduate years "In fact I graduated from medical school" but I studied...
  50. R

    Programs Affordable online MSECE programs

    Does anyone know of a reputable ranked university that offers an online MSECE degree for $1200 to $1500 a class rather than the typical $3000 + a class? I am starting to think that the only way to get an MSECE degree is to bite the bullet and pay through the nose but I am hoping that there are...