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Are these hobby suitable for study engineering?which?

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    I love to play lego and make gundam robot when i was young.now i still love to built sth.Is that means i love engineering?these hobby related to mechanical or civil?want to apply uni already. but still cant decide.T.T.

    thanks for helping.
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    Liking Legos is not enough to be an engineer. Are you good at math and science? Do you like math and science, especially solving problems? This is very important to become a good engineer.
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    Yes,I do love science and math.besides,i love hands-on experience like build sth.so i decided to get into engineering.can u tell me more of the life of engineer/engineering students?
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    Debatable. Liking legos are a very good start at going into engineering :biggrin:

    Hmm...I'd say Legos translates more to Mechanical Engineering (also includes building cars, motors, etc.). Unless you really like building bridges, making roads etc, I'd avoid civil (just me). Electrical is also another option.

    I guess it really just depends on what you want to do. It sounds like engineering is a good fit for you, nut it may take awhile before you realize what field you really want to pursueo.
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    ... and, so far, has had just as much success in the search for the Higgs boson as the real thing :)
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