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Are women naturally smarter than men? What's the biology proven?

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    Are women naturally smarter than men? What's the biology proven? Women's brain works more than men's? Who's smarter in general? Any biological evidence?
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    How many threads of this type do you intend to create?
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    The volume and mass of the average human male brain is larger than the average human female brain. The average human brain is larger in mass and volume than the average individual of most other organisms in relation to body size. Humans can be said to be more intelligent than any other organism. However, this does not say that much on the male versus female intelligence.
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    AFAIK,intelligence correlates loosely with body size: large people tend to have larger brains. As you indicate, women on average will have smaller brains than men, and Chinese will have smaller brains than Europeans, but the average intelligence of all these groups is, as far as I can tell, the same.
    It's more about organization structure of the brain than about it's size.
    Otherwise,dolphins and whales would be smarter than humans.But are they?

    One more stupid thread by hehehaha.
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    We've had many past discussions/debates/arguments about differences between the sexes in intelligence that have attempted to make these same broad generalizations. All have wound up locked, as this one just has.
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