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Are you the most righteous person on the planet

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    Or do you some times have to tell a porky pie (lie) even if it is just to keep the peace: darling how do like my hair,
    oh it looks gorgeous darling, when you really think it looks awful.
    Or any other white lie, to your boss, GF, spouse.
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    Tell the truth to your allies and deceive your adversaries.
    And if your wife asks how the meal is that she just fixed for you - you may have a choice between more bad meals or no meals at all.
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    Would you believe a person who claimed to have never lied? I would not.

    Who would you find most truthful, one who claimed to tell the truth, one who claimed to lie, or one who claimed nothing at all?
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    I would believe the one who said he was a liar.:eek:
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    I am a liar. The notorious one.
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    I am predominantly a non-liar for completely selfish and amoral reasons: it's too hard to remember and maintain deceptions over time. It's just much easier to tell the truth. On the other hand, there are always times when telling the truth creates more problems than it solves under a given circumstance.
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    Zooby you are as straight as a razor blade until you get nicked:biggrin:
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    I agree with this.
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    how can I be ? I'm married ... the wife is always "right" regardless of the facts :biggrin::-p
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    The only time I lie, is when I talk about how much I lie!
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