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Arithmetic quantum gravity and cosmology

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    So basically I am about to embark on my Msc in the pure maths department.
    Now I wish to conduct research on the subject of arithmetic quantum chaos and its applications in number theory and in gravity and cosmology.

    In my university I found someone who is an expert in its applications to number theory, and I plan to arrange a meeting with him at the begining of september.

    I am really quite novice in regard of making contact with academic advisors, anyway, I think I need also an advisor who is a physicist to advise me with gravity and cosmology,
    so here comes the point, I would like it if you can give me some names of people who are researching in applications of AQC to gravity and cosmology, I didn't find anyone from my university.

    I know a few names, but I don't have a thorough list.

    Thanks in advance.
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    BTW, can someone advise me how to make contact with people who are researching in this area?

    I mean obviously the geographical barriers can be quite an obstacle (as I am form Israel, and it seems that most of the researchers are from Europe).

    Obviously I can make a contact by email, but other than that I don't see how can I cooroporate with them.
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