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Arrhenius Equation and pseudo isotherms

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    Hey, I'm doing an experiment where I run a reaction at three different microwave powers to determine if there is any effect beyond the standard temperature ramp rates. If I know how long it takes the reaction to go from 260 C to 280 C in each of these cases, is there any possible way to extract the Arrhenius parameters? I don't think there is, but my professor is certain he's seen it done, he just can't remember how.
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    Arrhenius equation involves reaction rate, activation energy, temperature, and frequency factor. When you say Arrhenius parameter, I am assuming you want to know the activation energy and the frequency factor. You need to know the reaction rate at different temperatures.

    If the entire reaction system is adiabatic, then if you know how much heat is being released (per mole of reaction), how much actually reacted (or initial reaction rate), and you know the molar heat capacity of the system (the part where you are using thermometer for), then I assume it is theoretically possible.
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