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Arrhenius plot and activation energy

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    I m trying to determine activation energy of donor levels .
    So i have measured absorption at different temperatures of my sample (mono-crystal)

    And I have plotted ln(optical density) vs 1/T(K).
    And I want to calculate activation energy useing

    In plot above (picture) Eactivation should be 0.043eV

    The problem is that I cant get the right answer.
    Could someone help me,and derive the mentioned formula above for Ea determination? Maybe Im doing it wrong.
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    Hi prehisto,

    First the scatter in your data should make a large error bar. What is the 95% confidence range of this fitted activation energy?

    Second, I would check things like natural log v.s. decimal log and the units of Boltzmann constant, jsut the basic stuff.
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    I agree, it makes a large error bar. But in this case it does not matter . This is an example for which i know the result ( for this particular liner fitting).

    i have checked logarithms and Boltzman const.

    Is this the correct formula?
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