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Artificial atoms used to improve compact discs?

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    "Artificial atoms" used to improve compact discs?

    This should be very entertaining for all of you. If you visit http://machinadynamica.com/ you will find many interesting devices. Some of them are complete bunk (for example, the "Clever Little Clock", the "Brilliant Pebbles", and the "Teleportation Tweak"). A few, however, are in a more gray area (such as the "Codename Turquoise", "Promethean Base", and the "Intelligent Box").

    My brother engaged them in a long thread, which is posted below. (Read from the bottom up)

    Which, to the layperson almost sounds plausible until he gets to the "artificial atoms" part. It turns out, there is such a concept of "artificial atoms" in QM .... lending some credibility to the claims. However, this statement:
    ... clearly illustrates the pseudo-science approach of these products.

    Anyone here care to comment on the claims of the so-called "Intelligent Box" .... even if for a laugh? :-)
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    Best buy were trying to sell me a $50 HDMI ( digital video ) cable yesterday.
    Not only does it give a better quality picture than the cheap one but it improves resolution!
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    Ben Niehoff

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    Best Buy employees don't generally know very much. Obviously the cable cannot improve the resolution beyond the device standards. But the material the cable is made of can improve its conductivity, reducing losses and line-induced noise. The best materials are of course gold and platinum. Hence why all those nice cables are expensive.

    As for Machina Dynamica, that's a good laugh. My favorite product is the Duplex Cover. I knew my wall sockets were the culprit in my slightly-less-than-perfect sound setup! :P

    I'm sure the only way they've avoided a lawsuit is because all of their claims are so vague.
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    Is there anything wrong with producing a more expensive digital-data cable?

    Legally, if you (at least use slightly more precious metal and) advertise absolutely no claims whatsoever, aren't you free to charge whatever you like?

    Morally, it is obvious that many uninformed people will buy the most expensive product because of a mistaken expectation that the alternative will perform less well. That's dishonest, and not everyone can ever be an expert on every topic.

    Can there be a system to prevent such exploitation, or must this just be accepted as a lesser evil?
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    I believe it's called education :tongue:

    I don't know what error correction is in HDMI, but as long as the link reliability is enough that the corrected data gets through it doesn't matter.
    It did always strike me as crazy that audio equipement has hugley expensive analogue interconnects rather than use things like differential signals to give much better S/N with crappy cable.
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    with the use of nano technology, Bigger atoms such as Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Carbon and Oxygen can be artificially made. On a side note, I remember listening to a seminar where when of the speakers was discussing the possibility of creating an apple from the molecules around us.
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