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As someone who hasn't gone to college yet,

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    What is the best way for me to get a hands-on lab experience in the area? I'm a junior in high school, and I'm not sure how I could get some personal experience in lab (for any field of science.) I was considering email nearby colleges or laboratories, but I don't know if they'll allow a high schooler to work or shadow anyone at that level. Is there any kind of system for this, or a way for me to get a headstart in the lab world before I head to college? Thanks.
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    Does your school partake in the Intel science and mathematics competition program? I don't know if it will be too late for you to join as a junior but in my high school kids join the program as a beginning sophomore in fields ranging from biology to physics and mathematics. You find a mentor and start working in his\her research lab until midway through senior year when you turn in your final research paper and it is entered into the competition. I worked with a professor from cornell university in the field of physics. It was a great experience to say the least (although quite taxing).
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    As a minor, there will be very few people - quite possibly none - who will let you inside a laboratory. You may well have to be patient and wait.
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