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Aspartame is extremely dangerous to your health?

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    I've heard alot about the artificial sweetener used in thousands of products "Aspartame" has been said to cause cancers, brain lesions, lowering I.Q., as well as quite a slew of other serious health problems. I've been drinking diet soda for quite a few years now, I don't know if I am greatly increasing my chances of developing certain cancers in my future. I switched from regular soda to diet soda in hopes that I would lose weight, which I did. Another toxin in cola products is the chemical "Benzene", which is well known to damage cells and cause cancer.

    Is Aspartame really as dangerous as some people claim it is?
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    I haven't looked into the aspartame safety issue much, so I'll abstain from commenting on it. However, I'm fairly certain that cola products do not contain benzene. They do contain sodium benzoate, a preservative, but comparing sodium benzoate to benzene is like comparing table salt (sodium chloride) to the explosive metal sodium and the poisonous gas chlorine.
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    Gawd I hope not. Diet Cola is my one remaining vice.

    I think it is likely virtually impossible to find an objective, unbaised source of information on the subject.
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    This topic is completely useless without links to peer-reviewed studies. Just because you "heard" it from some guy on the street corner or read it on some website doesn't make it true.

    Give us real scientific studies because only then can we accurately comment on your accusations.
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    I've locked the thread for now. If the OP would like to furnish a mentor with a link to a peer reviewed article for discussion then it may reopen.
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