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Asphalt modified racecar aero tips and ideas

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    We run an asphalt modified on 1/4 to 1/3 mile tracks. We have been thinking about a trap door in front of the spoiler to allow trapped air behind the rear to exit in front of the spoiler. We have also moved the solid rear panel up the 1/2 " from the rear bumper. We are also using a 1/2" square mesh for to cover the right side of the windshield. Should we use something bigger ? Any ideas would help. Also is the right forum for this question?

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    Ranger Mike

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    The rear spoiler is placed there to create down force on the rear tires. putting a vent in front of it would defeat that purpose. Most Mods run total open rear to permit air flow thru the underside. I assume you are not running ANY windshield or glass so air flow is kind of iffy anyway. I suggest cutting a rear panel to vent air directly our the rear and see if it has any effect on lap times.
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    Thank You I knew you would have the answer !
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