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Associations like acm, ieee, and shpe

  1. Oct 23, 2012 #1
    I am currently a computer engineer student and im looking into associations like acm, ieee, and shpe. Which one will help best for my future career and is it worth subscribing to one.

    Thank you in advance
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    Re: associations

    anyone? please?
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    Re: associations

    Any of them. All of them.

    There is a direct relationship to the "benefit received" to the amount of "effort expended and participation."

    Benefits are just exactly what all of these types of professional societies state:
    • Professional networking, meetings & conferences, & knowing colleagues. Most good jobs come from relationships. For entrepreneurs, most good contracts come from relationships. People with whom to share / discuss ideas and concepts, and all of that.
    • Access to the educational or technical materials of the societies. If not free, then at less expense.
    • Prestige. That one is debateable.
    • You can put this stuff on your resume.

    The downsides:
    • Many of these societies masquerade as providing some benefit, but in reality they are a big bureaucracy of fat cats that need membership to support them and their lifestyle. Be careful.
    • If you become involved with a local chapter, then typically they will expect you stay in participation via holding office. I've been a Chapter Chair before, and it was a huge drain on my available free time for little benefits and few thanks. I became disillusioned with the whole thing and dropped out completely. Never regretted it.
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