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Asymptotic methods and pertubation method

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    Hi all!
    I am currently reading a book on asymptotic and pertubation methods for finding approximate solutions.

    How asymptotic methods and pertubaion methods are related? I mean, can I skip asymptotic methods and directly jump to study pertubation methods? (I know it may be better to have a thorough view on the subject. But I am really out of time.)

    Please kindly help.
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    Is it Bender&Orszag you're reading?

    The perturbation chapter is relatively understandable without the other stuff, I think (although I recommend you reading it!!)
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    exactly. But, I am a but crap in math actually.
    I face quite a lot problems rading that book.
    You've read that book, right? could you please help answer some of my questions?
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