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At instances farmers have been injured when their tractors suddenly

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    at instances farmers have been injured when their tractors suddenly flipped over backward while pulling a heavy piece of farm equipment. why?
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    Re: torque

    Because the tractor landed on them!

    Consider a very heavy piece of farm equipment attached to the tractor and it is stuck and the farmer decides to use brute force and put the tractor in reverse and floors it. The machinary does not move in this case but the tractor is trying to go backwards and flips. It is going to hurt.
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    Re: torque

    I can only think of one cause myself:

    The machinery being pulled is weighing down on the back of the tractor, and circumstances happen where that force is magnified, perhaps by a bumpy ride with the machinery bouncing up and down on the hitch.

    I don't know much about farm equipment, so this may or may not be correct at all.

    I'm not sure what bm0p700f is saying. I don't see how that could result in the tractor flipping backwards.
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    Re: torque

    There will be two forces on the tractor: a forward force at ground level where the tires come in contact with the soil. And a backward force maybe a foot off the ground where the object being towed is hitched. The torque caused by these two forces will tend to tilt the tractor backward. At best the front wheels will lift off the ground, at worst the tractor will flip over.
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    Re: torque

    If you have a rear wheel drive car you might have noticed the bonnet (hood) lifting when you accelerate hard from a stand still, the same thing but magnified happens if a tractor driver puts too much power to the rear wheels when the speed is zero.
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