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At the April APS meeting: curing cosmic singularities

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    One of the sessions at the April meeting of the American Physical Society (APS) will be on what replaces classic GR singularities (like bigbang or blackhole) when you move to a quantized theory.

    Abhay Ashtekar will discuss this from the Loop side.
    Gary Horowitz will discuss the String side of it.


    This will be session B7 on the morning of 12 April. Will any PFer be there?

    Here's Ashtekar's abstract
    The next day Jorge Pullin will speak on
    Recent developments in loop quantum gravity.
    That will be session M7, on Sunday afternoon

    Ashtekar and Pullin are invited speakers, giving relatively long presentations of 35 minutes. There will probably be a bunch of contributed talks---shorter in duration---on these and related topics, but I have only scanned the list of invited talks.
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    Hi Marcus,
    I am planning to attend this meeting.
    I will try to report a brief summary of what Abhay and Gary say.
    I will also try to ask them what’s inside of an astronomical sized black hole, if there’s no singularity.
    In fact, I think I’ll make that a new thread on “Beyond the Standard Model”.
    Best, Jim Graber
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