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Atmospheric Gamma Ray Interactions

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    Atmospheric gamma-ray extensive air showers are induced by pair-production interactions. The equation that governs pair production is:

    [tex]\gamma + \gamma = e^- + e^+[/tex]

    My understanding of the interaction is that a gamma passes "close" to the electric field of a nucleus. The nucleus acts as a virtual gamma photon in the equation, allowing pair production to occur. I haven't been able to find literature describing the interaction of the gamma and the E-field in any depth. Most papers I've read so far assume the interaction but neither cite publications where it is described nor derive properties of the interaction. Could someone point me in the direction of some specific readings on the topic?

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    You basically wants a source that discuss pair production?

    Quantum field- or classical derivation?
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    I assume that a quantum field derivation yields a more robust solution than a classical approach.
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