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Homework Help: ATP in Fatty acid oxidation and citric acid cycle

  1. Dec 7, 2008 #1
    At what point in either beta-oxidation or citric acid cycle is ATP used???
    I see where ATP is produced in citric acid cycle (originally as GTP) as when succinyl CoA is converted to Succinate, but I cant find any part where ATP is required. Apparently according to my lecture notes, it is required during beta oxidation somewhere but I cant see exactly where??? Please help, thanks!

    UPDATE: i found out that the 2 ATP are used during fatty acid activtion, but I only see where one is required. (??)

    (when fatty acid is added to 1 ATP to form acyladenylate) Where is other one required?? thanks
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    Could the question be referring to the hydrolysis of the resulting pyrophosphate?

    Fatty acid + ATP <-----> Acyl adenylate + PPi
    PPi + pyrophosphatase -------> 2Pi

    What about odd number fatty acid degradation? How is the final product (propionyl CoA) dealt with?
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