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Attach my mathematica notebook to the pdf

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    Now if I want to attach my mathematica notebook to the pdf what would I have to enter in LaTeX?
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    I am not sure I understand your grammar, but I think you are interested in converting a Mathematica notebook into a PDF file.

    Within the Mathematica front end, go to file > save as special > TeX

    Then compile this TeX source within your LaTeX distro.

    The Mathematica front end is far and a way the best WYSIWYG editor for LaTeX. Not only is Mathematica's typesetting more advanced then LaTeX in general, but it is also semantically faithful! This is amazingly far ahead of the nearest competing product.
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    matt grime

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    Damning with faint praise if ever I heard it.

    Matt (dedicated non-gui person)
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    I think I understand where you might be coming from, but I would be interested to hear the reasons for your view. Particularly, I agree the praise may be faint, but I do not see how it is damning.

    Mathematica is not WYSIWYG, but it does come bundled with the Mathematica Front End, which I stated is the best WYSIWYG editor for LaTeX. How is this damning? You are not forced to use the front end, it is an option; I don't damn WinEDT because it has a WYSIWYG table editor (which I don't use).
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    matt grime

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    It is just a cliche. I think you're reading to much into it.

    As it is I find any wisywig for LaTeX that I've tried to be a horrendously pointless thing (like any GUI e-mail client but, strangely perhaps, not news readers). I can't think of many mathematicians I know who use anything like WinEdt. Most use emacs or vim. Although I know of someone who wrote a nice xy-pic addition that lets you point and click to make xy-diagrams, which sounds like a good use of a mouse.

    If you're just using WinEdt as a text editor, then what's so special about WinEdt? Anyhow, I'll stick to using Emacs and AucTeX. I did use vim for a while and decided it was much better than Emacs, but I didn't use it enough at the time to make me remember all really useful things in vim. I ought to go back and try again.
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    In retrospect I see this, but since I never heard the phrase I assumed you were being poetic.:biggrin:

    Okay, I will agree with pointless. Everything can be done perfectly well in a good text editor. But eventually plain ASCII will go extinct, just like the DOS 8 by 3 filenames --- this are historical accidents resulting from early computers with small amounts of memory. I am confident that we will see all computer languages (for typesetting or for programming) move to a more expanded set of characters, which is what wysiwyg really is.

    I am not advocating the use of WinEDT, I am advocating the use of Mathematica. And incidentally, I know a mathematician who does LaTeX in some mind-boggling slow macintosh wysiwyg environment, and I know some fellows that do not typeset their own work at all.
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