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'Attaching' Files to a Latex Document

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    I'm writing a final report, and I've got a bunch of source code that I'd like to have readily available to anyone reading the document. I won't have any control over the files once I hand it in, so I'm a little wary about just putting everything in the same folder and trusting that everything will stay there. Is there any way that I can sort of 'attach' the source code to the Latex PDF so that if someone opens it up they can click a link and for sure be able to access these files, even if the only thing saved on the computer is that PDF?

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    That attachfile package looks about perfect, assuming I can get it to work. I was going to just put all the source code in an appendix like you suggested, but I think there's too much for it to look nice. My intention is more for someone to be able to access the code and run it rather than necessarily study it closely.
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