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Attractive forces in 3-d space

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    I'd appreciate your help about this: Is someone capable of explaining how attractive forces work in three dimensional space, without invoking a negative time trick?

    I know this is not the first time when someone is asking about this subject. I've already read almost all posts about it, and many external texts, including this link
    http://math.ucr.edu/home/baez/physic...particles.html [Broken]

    But this FAQ above seems to be kind of "artificial solution" in one dimensional space and, in general raises more questions than answers.

    There is also another text about the process:

    This, on the other hand invokes negative time trick, which is questioned by some folks on the forum.

    Maybe I am asking a wrong question? Is an origin of attract-repulsion process something like an origin of charge? I mean it's dogma, and it's fundamental process, no further dwelling allowed.
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    Must we do this all over again? Well it has been almost a whole week.
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    Yes, would be great

    why again.
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