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Medical Autist exposes the madness of non-autists

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    This is a video about and made by an autistic woman named Amanda Baggs.

    - the first part shows how she communicates
    - the second part translates it to our non-autistic language

    I found the video on:

    http://joyofautism.blogspot.com/2007/01/she-speaks-for-herself.html [Broken]
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    Pretty interesting, however it is usually considered that one should have little reason to speak other than to communicate and communication assumes another party being communicated with. I don't think one can say that she was communicating with the water or the towel or whatever.

    There is a sense that a language is not a language unless people use it to communicate. However I certainly can understand why she would interact with the environment; I do think it is fascinating to appreciate how we influence things around us at the same time as they influence us.

    We aren't separate from the environment and can't be understood in a vacuum. The relationship between ourselves and the environment is as much a part of who we are as are our individual natures.
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